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Vintagetext Markup Language (VTML), is a (obviously) completely novel and highly advanced markup language designed to display richly formatted text inside Vintage Story. Definitely has nothing in common with the old and outdated HTML standard ;-)


  • <br>
    Causes a line break
  • <i>text</i>
    Causes the text to be in italic font
  • <strong>text</strong>
    Causes the text to be in bold font
  • <a href="url">text</a>
    Turns text into a clickable link. You can link to websites (http://), handbook pages (handbook://pagecode) or trigger hotkeys (hotkey://code)
  • <font size="num" color="hexcolor" weight="bold" lineheight="1.2" align="right" opacity="0.5">text</font>
    Formats the text by given properties, all properties are optional
  • <icon name="dice"></icon>
    Draws a symbol, selected from a list of predefined, hardcoded symbols (Todo: add list of symbols here. Until then check out IconUtil.cs on the github api repository)