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The player arrives in a world owning nothing but underwear.

As of version 1.18.15, the customization screen appears right away.

Displays the options for customizing the player's skin, hair, and voice
Skin & Voice


If you close the Customize Skin window with Esc or the X rather than with the Confirm Skin button, the window will re-appear the next time you load this world.


The skin tones available are not normal human colors; according to the lore, the player isn't a human.

Some of the eye color options are inhuman.

Beneath the avatar's clothing, there are 3 underwear variants to choose from:

  • two-piece
  • leotard
  • breeches

There's no option to select the avatar's gender. Mix and match visual features as desired.

The avatar's voice is represented by musical instruments without diction. There are 7 instruments to choose from:

  • alto flute
  • harmonica
  • oboe
  • clarinete
  • accordion
  • trumpet
  • tuba

For a while, there was an option to toggle the new voice options.

For each instrument, you can adjust the pitch higher or lower.

Some of the hair color options are inhuman.


There are 6 options for a player class. Besides changing the avatar's starter clothing, class choice influences hunger rate, run speed, and more.

  • Commoner
  • Hunter
  • Malefactor
  • Clockmaker
  • Blackguard
  • Tailor


Left: player's health meter, Center: temporal stability, Right: player's hunger meter, Bottom: player's offhand slot, hotbar, and backpack slots.


In the Create New World window there are several "Playstyles" with different default settings that you can tweak.

Standard Exploration Wilderness Survival Homo Sapiens
Lives Infinite Infinite Infinite Infinite
Death punishment Items despawn after 10 minutes Keep inventory contents Items despawn after 10 minutes Items despawn after 10 minutes
Temporal Gear uses 20 times Infinite 3 times 0 times
Lung capacity 40 seconds 2 minutes 20 seconds 30,000
Body temperature hardiness 0°C 0°C 10°C 5°C
Player health points 15 20 10 10
Hunger rate Normal 100% Slower 50% Slightly faster 125% Normal 100%
Walk speed Normal Slightly slower Normal Normal


The player's location appears on the map with a gray dot, and indicating the direction the player is facing with a small arrow.


Player names appear above the heads of their avatars.


  • Changes in version 1.19.0-pre.1 include "More canon hair colors, better randomizer and the ability to use your last selection from another world / server". Official Devlog
    • Players can now select their previously selected skin preferences, in the Create Character dialog via new 'Last selection' button
    • Greatly reduced strange hair combinations when using the Randomize button
    • Updated hair colors. Replaced all purple and pink shades.
    • The selector no longer plays the seraph voice when the Create Character dialog first appears (too laggy in the first few frames to do so, can heavily skew sounds)


The devlog for version 1.19 indicated that it will be possible to import preferred settings from other worlds to new worlds.

In standard English, clarinete should be spelled without a final E.


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