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Seraphs of different classes.

Since version 1.14 of the game, players can choose to play as one of a number of different classes at the start of a new world, each with tied in buffs, debuffs, and some with exclusive crafting recipes.

How to choose a class

After joining a new world the player enters the Character Creation screen, where the player can choose one of 6 classes. Alternatively the player can run the .charsel command to enter the Character Creation screen again, but only once! In case you need to re-select your class on a multiplayer server, get in touch with the server admin and ask them to run the /player [name] allowcharselonce command for you, after which you will be able to use the mentioned command.

Classes and Traits

As of 1.18.8, the following classes are available:

The Commoner as depicted in-game


"Leave behind your old life. Crawl into the new world"
"Commoners are generalists from a multitude of backgrounds. While they have no defining skills or strengths to speak of, they also lack the weaknesses of those who specialize."

The Commoner class is the default class of the game, often considered as the "Allrounder" class. It's usually recommended for new players looking to get the hang of the game as it lacks any positive or negative traits.

Starting Clothes
Clothes-upperbody-commoner-shirt.png Commoner shirt
Clothes-upperbodyover-commoner-coat.png Commoner coat
Clothes-hand-commoner-gloves.png Commoner gloves
Clothes-lowerbody-commoner-trousers.png Commoner trousers
Clothes-foot-commoner-boots.png Commoner Boots

The Hunter as depicted in-game


"Loose the arrow, kill the beast. Take it home to your dying child. Eventually your child will die and you’ll find yourself providing for someone else's dying child."
"Hunters are ranged specialists that excel in the wild forests, plains and mountains. They struggle in the confined tunnels of the underground."

The Hunter class has the unique ability to craft the crude bow and arrows as well as the recurve bow. Hunters are proficient at killing animals from range and harvesting them efficiently.

Additional Positive and Negative Traits
Focused (+20% ranged damage, +30% ranged accuracy, +20% ranged distance)
Resourceful (+10% animal loot, +25% animal harvesting speed)
Fleetfooted (+10% walk speed)
Bowyer (Exclusive craftable crude bows and crude arrows )
Farsighted (-15% melee damage)
Claustrophobic (-15% ore drop rate, -10% mining speed)
Starting Clothes
Clothes-head-hunter-cape.png Hunter cape
Clothes-face-hunter-mask.png Hunter face mask
Clothes-shoulder-hunter-poncho.png Hunter poncho
Clothes-upperbody-hunter-shirt.png Hunter shirt
Clothes-upperbodyover-hunter-coat.png Hunter coat
Clothes-hand-hunter-gloves.png Hunter gloves
Clothes-lowerbody-hunter-leggings.png Hunter leggings
Clothes-foot-hunter-boots.png Hunter boots

The Malefactor as depicted in-game


"Terrible things are done in the heart of despair. She is gone, but you remain."
"Malefactors are tenacious survivors who can avoid unwanted attention and find loot that others might have missed. A heavy conscience leads to weakness in combat, however."

The malefactor is a frail and weak class that thrives on foraging and finding broken vessels in ruins. They have the unique ability to craft the sling, an alternative ranged weapon.

Additional Positive and Negative Traits
Forager (+10% loot from foraging1, +20% wild crop drop rate)
Pilferer (+15% drop rate, +10% rusty gear drop rate, 12% chance to collect cracked vessels)
Furtive (-35% animal seeking range)
Improviser (Exclusive craftable sling )
Frail (-2.5 health points, -25% ranged distance)
Nervous (-15% melee damage)
Starting Clothes
Clothes-upperbodyover-malefactor-cloak.png Malefactor cloak
Clothes-face-malefactor-mask.png Malefactor mask
Clothes-emblem-malefactor-pendant.png Malefactor bloody pendant
Clothes-upperbody-malefactor-shirt.png Malefactor shirt
Clothes-upperbody-malefactor-tunic.png Malefactor leather tunic
Clothes-hand-malefactor-gloves.png Malefactor wrapped gloves
Clothes-lowerbody-malefactor-trousers.png Malefactor trousers
Clothes-waist-malefactor-sash.png Malefactor sash
Clothes-foot-malefactor-boots.png Malefactor wrapped boots

The Clockmaker as depicted in-game


"The machines never stop ticking down there. You've seen to that. You can hear them in your sleep."
"Clockmakers are masters of precision and systems. They can easily dismantle or repair machinery, but they have no stomach for violence."

The Clockmaker class deals a significant amount of damage toward locusts but is frail and deals less damage to anything else.

Additional Positive and Negative Traits
Precise (+25% damage against mechanicals)
Technical (-1 temporal gear cost to repair translocators)
Fleetfooted (+10% walk speed)
Tinkerer (Exclusive craftable device to tame locusts)
Frail (-2.5 health points, -25% ranged distance)
Nervous (-15% melee damage)
Starting Clothes
Clothes-upperbody-clockmaker-shirt.png Clockmaker shirt
Clothes-upperbodyover-clockmaker-tunic.png Clockmaker tunic
Clothes-shoulder-clockmaker-apron.png Clockmaker apron
Clothes-hand-clockmaker-wristguard.png Clockmaker wristguard
Clothes-waist-clockmaker-belt.png Clockmaker belt
Clothes-lowerbody-clockmaker-pants.png Clockmaker pants
Clothes-foot-clockmaker-shoes.png Clockmaker shoes

The Backguard as depicted in-game


"Fight if you must. Kill if you must. Don't look away. A hard gaze on life will see you through."
"Blackguards are fierce soldiers that thrive in a close-ranged skirmish, but a life of conflict has its downsides. They have no talent for delicate work and need more food to maintain their strength."

The Blackguard is a durable fighter but gets hungry quicker and is less efficient at harvesting food. They have the unique ability to create the Blackguard Shortsword and Shield.

Additional Positive and Negative Traits
Soldier (+30% melee damage, +15% armor durability, walk speed penalty for wearing armor reduced by +25%)
Hardy (+10% mining speed, +5 health points)
Merciless (Exclusive craftable Blackguard Shortsword and Blackguard Square Shield )
Ravenous (+30% hunger rate)
Nearsighted (-15% ranged damage)
Heavyhanded (-10% loot from cracked vessels, -15% loot from foraging1, -20% wild crop drop rate)
Starting Clothes
Clothes-upperbody-blackguard-shirt.png Blackguard shirt
Clothes-emblem-blackguard-pin.png Blackguard pin
Clothes-waist-blackguard-belt.png Blackguard belt
Clothes-lowerbody-blackguard-leggings.png Blackguard leggings
Clothes-foot-blackguard-shoes.png Blackguard shoes

The Tailor as depicted in-game


"Making a fitting garb, so we may walk with grace once more."
"Tailors provide stylish clothes and clothing repairs to stay warm during the winter months. A lifetime spent in the city leaves them ill-prepared for some hardships of nature."

The Tailor can craft a variety of unique clothing, and repair clothing more efficiently.

Additional Positive and Negative Traits
Clothier (Exclusive craftables; sewing kit and various clothing , including winter clothes)
Mender (+10% armor durability)
Civil (-10% loot from foraging1)
Weak (-2 health points, -10% mining speed)
Kind (-10% animal loot, -25% harvesting speed)
Starting Clothes
Clothes-face-tailor-mask.png Tailor face mask
Clothes-upperbody-tailor-blouse.png Tailor blouse
Clothes-upperbodyover-tailor-jacket.png Tailor jacket
Clothes-waist-tailor-belt.png Tailor belt
Clothes-arm-tailor-needlepuff.png Tailor needle puff
Clothes-hand-tailor-gloves.png Tailor glove
Clothes-lowerbody-tailor-trousers.png Tailor trouser
Clothes-foot-tailor-shoes.png Tailor shoes


1 Items affected by the foraging bonus include:

  • Berries
  • Saguaro fruit
  • Mushrooms
  • Resin
  • Sticks




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