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Vintage Story Original Soundtrack
Music Artist: Lo-Phi
Released: June 11, 2017
Genre: Instrumental, Orchestral, Electronic, Chiptunes, Soundtrack
Length: 2:23:25
Producer: Hayden Davenport
Artwork Artist: Jessie Rogers
Logo Artist: Nachtfalter
Current Version: 1.21.13

Vintage Story Original Soundtrack is composed by Hayden Davenport under the pseudonym [Lo-Phi] (pronounced \loʊ'faɪ\).

The album was first released on the Bandcamp platform on Jun 11, 2017.

The current publicly available version of the soundtrack has 30 music tracks. It is updated periodically to reflect the music assets found within Vintage Story, and is available at purchase with a "name your price" option (this includes $0.00).

Track listing

Vintage Story Original Soundtrack

  1. The Setting Sun
  2. Night to Day
  3. Mirror
  4. Groove
  5. Vintage Story
  6. Sunny Village
  7. Through the Grass at Night
  8. Adventuring
  9. To Dawn, from a Very Rainy Night
  10. Building
  11. Creating
  12. Peaceful Village
  13. Nostalgic
  14. Midnight
  15. Heartbeat
  16. Tuning Cylinder - The Seraphs
  17. Winter
  18. Daylight
  19. Quirky Tavern
  20. Cultured Tavern
  21. Hallowcroft
  22. Fall-o'-croft
  23. Summer Day
  24. Roots
  25. Tuning Cylinder - The Invention
  26. Spring
  27. Radiance and Rust
  28. Eidolon Battle
  29. The Resonance Archives (Library)
  30. Arctic Winds


The Vintage Story Original Soundtrack can be streamed for free via Lo-Phi's bandcamp or YouTube. A highly-limited vinyl record release of the soundtrack is also being considered.

The official Vintage Story Original Soundtrack playlist on YouTube is linked below:

Instrumentation & Production

The Vintage Story original soundtrack heavily features bell-like piano and tine sounds, as well as downsampled SoundFonts, and modern synthesizers (such as Alchemy). Story-related tracks tend to either feature more orchestral instruments, especially string sections, or gritty percussion and synth-heavy atmospheric foundations (depending on the underlying story elements the music is related to). With the exception of the guitar parts in Spring, all of the instruments are controlled via MIDI within Logic Pro X.

Music Spawning

Currently, most of the music (excluding the Deep Underground music) spawns client-side based on a simple daily schedule within each game mode. Each track has a set range of in-game time in which it can start playing. A few of the tracks follow a more complex scheduling procedure, depending on factors such as season, relative level of danger, or meeting specific in-game conditions.

Deep Underground music is generated on the fly when the code determines that a player is underground. It works by piecing together bits of pre-rendered chromatic musical material. Occasionally a full piece of music utilizing the same instrumentation will be selected instead.

Future Updates

Since the album has only been released digitally, Lo-Phi periodically updates the soundtrack online. There are a few tracks that can only be played in-game; he has plans to include these in the soundtrack eventually. Lo-Phi has also stated that he would eventually like the in-game music generation system to be more complex.

Additional Information / Trivia

  • The "Survive and Build" and "Creative Building" modes have slightly different soundtracks. While there is plenty of overlap, some tracks are only found in one mode, while other tracks have separate versions depending on which mode the player is playing.
  • The in-game block called "Echo Chamber" contains a hidden reference to the game's composer, Lo-Phi, and enables players to listen to the songs by

placing a resonance archive on the echo chamber.

  • The soundtrack's order is based on the order in which each piece of music was composed.
  • Several of the game's music tracks were named by Luke, the game's story writer.
  • Digital downloads of the soundtrack from bandcamp include a few bonuses.

Album Changelog

  • v1.0.0 - [Jun 11, 2017] Album Released
  • ... [Undocumented Changes]
  • v1.4.4 - Added 'The Seraphs' track
  • v1.6.4 - Added 'Winter' and 'Daylight' tracks
  • v1.8.4 - [Jun 28, 2018] Added 'Quirky Tavern' and 'Cultured Tavern' tracks
  • v1.8.5 - [Jun 28, 2018] Remastered 'The Seraphs' track to be louder
  • v1.8.7 - [Oct 11, 2018] Slightly altered 'Quirky Tavern' and 'Cultured Tavern' to have less abrupt transitions
  • v1.8.8 - [Nov 12, 2018] Added a png of the album art, a ReadMe text file, and a bonus track (with full album download)
  • v1.9.9 - [Jan 1, 2019] Added 'Hallowcroft'
  • v1.10.9 - [Dec 20, 2020] Added 'Fall-o'-croft'
  • v1.14.11 - [Jun 3, 2020] Added 'Summer Day', 'Roots', 'Resonance Archive - The Invention', and 'Spring,' also lowered volume of 'Quirky Tavern' and 'Cultured Tavern'
  • v1.17.11 - [Jun 20, 2022] Added all 3 trailer music tracks as bonus tracks with the full album download
  • v1.20.13 - [Apr 19, 2023] Added 'Radiance and Rust', 'Eidolon Battle', and 'The Resonance Archives (Library)'. Renamed other 'Resonance Archive' references to 'Tuning Cylinder'.

v1.21.13 - [Dec 22, 2023] Added 'Arctic Winds'