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This page was last verified for Vintage Story version 1.15.

This tool allows you to make smooth flyovers of your builds. Currently only available through chat commands.

  • .cam [p|rp|cp|up|goto|start|loop|stop|clear|load|save|alpha|tp]
    The cinematic camera tool system.
    • .cam p
      Adds the current position to the list of places to visit.
    • .cam rp
      Removes the last added point.
    • .cam cp
      "Close path". Connects the path to the first position in the list. Useful in combination with .cam loop to create a looping camera path.
    • .cam up [num]
      Update the position and viewing angle of point num to the current location.
    • .cam goto [num]
      Go to point num by teleport.
    • .cam clear
      Clears the list of all points.
    • .cam start [time]
      Starts the cinematic camera, the camera will complete the path in the given number of seconds.
    • .cam rec [real seconds] [video seconds]
      Play path and record to .avi file.
    • .cam stop
      Stops the cinematic camera.
    • .cam save
      Exports the current list of points into your clipboard, which you then can paste into any text editor.
    • .cam load [data]
      Import supplied list of points.
    • .cam tp [0 or 1]
      Toggles whether to teleport you back to your previous position after the camera path has been completed.
    • .cam alpha [0..1]
      Modifies how the smoothly the points are traversed by the camera.
    • .cam gui [0 or 1]
      If one, will disable the guis during the duration of the recording (default on).

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