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Player satiety is how hungry a player is - or how many calories are still available to burn, if you will. It is represented by the green bar on the righthand side above the hotbar, and has a maximum value of 1500. Satiety will decrease naturally over time, even if the player is AFK; but certain actions (such as sprinting, holding a torch in off hand), certain pieces of equipment (such as most armor), or certain conditions (such as regenerating lost health, staying outside in cold temperatures) will increase consumption over this passive rate. If satiety drops to zero, the player will begin starving, taking damage over time until death occurs. Eating any food restores satiety as shown in the item's tooltip.


Example nutrition levels in the stats page.

Where satiety is the basic survival condition, nutrition is a way to gain bonuses by eating a variety of different foods instead of just relying on the same thing all day, every day. Player nutrition includes five categories, displayed in the character dialog: protein, vegetable, grain, fruit, and dairy. Gaining satiety from eating any food also increases the bar for the nutrient group that the food belonged to.

Meals cooked from multiple ingredients can increase multiple nutrient levels at the same time. Like satiety, nutrient levels decrease over time. Keeping all five nutrient levels topped up requires a balanced diet.

Please be aware though, your nutrition levels do not increase if you eat while completely satiated.

Health Bonuses

As the nutrient bars fill up, the player's maximum health increases. The player starts with 15 base health points at default settings, and each nutrient can add another 2.5 hp when fully satisfied, for a total of up to 12.5 bonus hp in total. This bonus is very useful when exploring the deepest reaches of the world, where very dangerous creatures roam.


Each stat of nutrition has different ways of maintaining it.

Nutrition Type Source(s)
Fruit Berry bushes , Fruit trees , Honey
Vegetable Crops
Grain Crops
Protein Hunting , Crops , Animal Husbandry
Dairy Animal Husbandry

Hunger Rate

The hunger rate is how fast the satiety meter decreases over time. Keeping this low is essential to reducing food consumption and food waste.

Action/Item Hunger Rate Penalty Notes
Blackguard Class 30%
Torch/Lantern 20% Only while in the Off Hand slot
Degrees Below Zero (Outside) ^50% Up to 50% while outside
Degrees Below Zero (Inside) ^16% Up to 16% while in caves or an enclosed room

Standing still reduces your hunger rate 4-fold.

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