Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Is there a way for me to keep my items on death?

  • When creating a new world you can click Customize, find the option Death punishment and select Keep inventory contents
  • On existing worlds, you can keep your inventory using /worldconfig deathPunishment keep in your chat box. If you want to revert this change, use the command /worldconfig deathPunishment drop (See World Configuration for more information)

Where's the screenshot folder?

Screenshots (F12 key by default) are saved into your "My Pictures" folder which, on Windows, is usually found at %userprofile%\Pictures\Vintagestory.

Is it okay to use a service like Shadow Tech to play Vintage Story?

Yes, as long as you officially bought the game from here

A trader is buying/selling wolf pups! Can I tame wolfs?

Taming wolfs is not yet possible in the game. Traders sell and buy pups, however the player cannot pick up wolf pups in the wild, and as soon as a bought one is set down in the world, it will turn wild and cannot be picked up again - instead it will grow into a normal, aggressive wolf.

In multiplayer, how do I prevent other players from taking stuff from my house?

Vintage Story has a land claims system. That is, you can decide that a area of a specific height and a specific depth is only editable/usable by yourself or your group. Other players won't be able to break blocks or pick things up off the ground or in chests. (See Land claiming for more information)