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Game worlds can be customized to a great extent. In single player this is done simply through the "Customize" button when creating a new world. If you however changed your mind or updated to a new version, many of these configs can be changed on existing worlds. Here is a full list of them - for other, non worldgen commands, check the list of server commands. They can also be set before a world is created through the serverconfig.json

General usage

  • /worldconfig name
    Show current configuration value
  • /worldconfig name value
    Set a configuration value
  • /worldconfigcreate datatype name value
    Creates a new configuration value. This is necessary when setting some configurations for the first time (datatype can be float double int string and bool)

Please note: Commands are case-sensitive. Type them exactly as you see, except for the [ ] shown in below command syntax, which is intended only to show which values can be changed! The pipe (|) symbol is there to seperate allowed values, e.g. [true|false] means you can set true or false here

Player spawn and death

The configs starting climate and grace timer can only be set during world creation.

  • /worldconfig deathPunishment [drop|keep]
    Whether to drop your inventory upon death (default: drop)
  • /worldConfig spawnRadius [number]
    Sets how far players spawn in a radius from world spawn.

Survival challenges

  • /worldConfig seasons [enabled|spring]
    If enabled, seasons will pass over time, otherwise 'spring' will make the climate always stay at spring (default: enabled)
  • /worldConfig playerlives [-1 .. 99]
    Set the amount of lives a player has before he can no longer respawn. -1 means infinite. (default: infinite)
  • /worldConfig daysPerMonth [1-99]
    Set the amount of days each month has. Setting it to a higher value will make seasons go by slower (default: 9)
  • /worldConfig harshWinters [true|false]
    If true, cold temperatures will damage crops, reduce animal spawn during winter and reduce meat harvested from animals (default: true)
  • /worldconfig blockGravity [sandgravel|sandgravelsoil]
    Set the block gravity behavior for either just sand and gravel or additionally also soil (default: sandgravel)
  • /worldConfig allowUndergroundFarming [true|false]
    If true, plants can be grown deep underground, given enough sunlight. (default: false)
  • /worldconfig bodyTemperatureResistance [-40.. 40]
    Sets the temperature an undressed seraph can bear without starting to freeze
  • /worldconfig creatureHostility [aggressive|passive|off]
    Set default creature hostility (default: aggressive)
  • /worldconfig creatureStrength [0-99]
    Sets the creature damage multiplier (default: 1)
  • /worldconfig playerHealthPoints [1-999]
    Set the players base health points. Does not affect already joined players, use /player command for that. (default: 15)
  • /worldconfig playerHungerSpeed [0-10]
    Set the players hunger rate multiplier (default: 1)
  • /worldconfig playerMoveSpeed [0-10]
    Set the players move speed multiplier (default: 1.5)
  • /worldconfig foodSpoilSpeed [0-10]
    Set the spoilage rate multiplier of all perishable foods, e.g. 0.5 means all food lasts twice as long (default: 1)
  • /worldconfig saplingGrowthRate [0.1-20]
    Set the sapling growth rate multiplier of all trees. (default: 1)
  • /worldconfig toolDurability [0-99]
    Set the tool durability multiplier, e.g. 2 means all tools have double durability. (default: 1)
  • /worldconfig toolMiningSpeed [0-99]
    Set the tool mining speed multiplier, e.g. 2 means all tools have break blocks twice as fast. (default: 1)
  • /worldConfig propickNodeSearchRadius [0-12]
    If above zero, a second prospecting mode will be enabled that allows for exact searches at the defined radius (default: 0)
  • /worldConfig globalDepositSpawnRate [0.1 - 5]
    Set a global ores and mineral deposit spawn rate (default: 1)
  • /worldconfig microblockChiseling [off|stonewood|all]
    Whether to allow microblock chiseling. 'stonewood' means all stone and wood materials are allowed. 'all' means most cubic blocks are allowed. (default: stonewood)
  • /worldconfig allowCoordinateHud [true|false]
    Whether or not players are allowed to used the coordinate hud. (default: true)
  • /worldconfig allowMap [true|false]
    Whether or not players are allowed to used the world map. (default: true)

Temporal stability

  • /worldconfig temporalStorms [off|veryrare|rare|sometimes|often|veryoften]
    How frequent temporal storms should be (default: sometimes)
  • /worldconfig tempstormDurationMul [value]
    Command to change the duration of temporal storms
  • /worldconfig temporalStability [false|true]
    Whether or not the temporal stability mechanic should apply (default: true)
  • /worldconfig temporalRifts [off|invisible|visible]
    Defines temporal rift behavior (default: visible)
    Off: No rifts spawn, which also means no drifters can spawn on the surface.
    Invisible: Rifts are not visible to the player, make no sound and do not affect players in any way, but do spawn drifters.
    Visible: Rifts are visible to the player, make sound, drain stability on nearby players and spawn drifters.
  • /worldconfig temporalGearRespawnUses [-1 .. 9999]
    How many times you can respawn from a spawnpoint set by the temporal gear. -1 means infinite. (default: infinite)
  • /worldconfig temporalStormSleeping [0|1]
    Whether or not to allow sleeping during temporal storms (default: 0)

World generation

The configs world climate, world size and polar-equator distance can only be set during world creation.

  • /worldconfig worldEdge [blocked|traversable]
    Wether you can fall off the world edge (default: traversable)
  • /worldconfig globalTemperature [0-5]
    Sets the global temperature multiplier for world generation. Does not affect already generated chunks. Useful values are between 0.1 and 5, where 0.1 is super cold, and 5 is super hot. (default: 1)
  • /worldconfig globalPrecipitation [0-5]
    Sets the global rainfall multiplier for world generation. Does not affect already generated chunks. Useful values are between 0.1 and 5, where 0.1 is super dry and 5 is super wet (default: 1)
  • /worldconfig globalForestation [-1 .. 1]
    Sets the global forestation offset for world generation. -1 means there will be no forests, 1 means there will be only forests, the value 0 means default forestation density (default: 0)
  • /worldconfig surfaceCopperDeposits [0-5]
    Set chance of surface copper spawning for each chunk column (default: 0.1)
  • /worldconfig surfaceTinDeposits [0-5]
    Set chance of surface tin spawning for each chunk column (default: 0.07)
  • /worldConfig snowAccum [true|false]
    If true, snow will accumulate during winter (default: true)


  • /worldconfig allowLandClaiming [true|false]
    Whether or not players are allowed to use the land claiming system. (default: true)
  • /worldConfig classExclusiveRecipes [true|false]
    If true, class exclusive recipes are enabled (default: true)
  • /worldConfig auctionHouse [true|false]
    Whether or not the auction house is available to players (default: true)

Configurations not in the customize world screen

These configs need to be created first. Subsequent edits to those can be done with /worldconfig [variable name] [value]

  • /worldconfigcreate bool disableDeathMessages [true|false]
    Whether or not death messages will be displayed.
  • /worldconfigcreate bool windAffectedEntityMovement [true|false]
    Whether or not wind affects player and creature movement.
  • /worldconfigcreate bool allowCropDeath [true|false]
    Whether or not crops can die.
  • /worldconfigcreate float auctionHouseDeliveryPriceMul [0..10]
    A multiplier on the delivery costs for purchased items in the auction house (default: 1)
  • /worldconfigcreate int auctionHouseDurationWeeksMul [1,2,3,4...]
    A multiplier on how many weeks a auction can stay listed before expiring, does change the cost of listing (e.g. doubling this value will have items listed twice as long for the same cost). Can not use decimal numbers. (default: 1)
  • /worldconfigcreate float auctionHouseSalesCutRate [0..1]
    The sales cut the trader takes for a sold item on the auction. (default: 0.1, which is 10%)
  • /worldconfigcreate float cropGrowthRateMul [0.1 ... 10]
    Sets the growth rate for crops and berry bushes.

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