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Adding behaviors to your block

Block behaviors are an array of objects with properties attached to your block. They are added through the behaviors field at the top level (same level as the code field) of a block json file. Below is an example of two behaviors, one with properties and one without properties.

  code: "exampleblock",
  behaviors: [{name: "behavior1", properties: {myProperty1: "myValue1", myProperty2: "myValue2"}},{name: "behavior2"}],

All Block Behaviors

Here is a table containing all properties of the base game as of 1.18.14.

Behavior Name Properties Used by Blocks
BlockEntityInteract - door
BreakIfFloating - termitemound, crackedrock, meteorite, ore, ore, ore, rock, rottenlog
BreakSnowFirst - tallgrass, stonepath
  • sides
drystonefence, woodenfence, roughhewnfence
CanIgnite - torch
CollectFrom - henbox
Container - storagevessel, stove, hopper, quern, crate, labeledchest, trunk, chest, firepit, stationarybasket
  • sides
  • sidedVariants
  • nwOrientable
  • drawIfCulled
  • alternateZOffset
  • notFullFace
  • removable
  • thickness
linen, mediumcarpet, rushmat, smallcarpet, wallpaper, wool, hotspringbacteriasmooth, hotspringbacteria, attachingplant, overlay, overlay, oxidation, transition, fallenleaves, caveart
Door - door
DropNotSnowCovered - fern, flower
  • exchangeStates (string array of block states)
  • sounds (path from sounds folder)
  • actionLangCode (language key from the lang file)
  • liquidCollisionSound (path from sounds folder)
  • sourceReplacementCode (block code)
  • flowingReplacementCode (block code)
  • collidesWith (other liquid)
  • spreadDelay (int, default: 0)
boilingwater, water, lava, saltwater
  • harvestTime (float, seconds, default: 0)
  • harvestedStack (BlockDropItemStack)
  • harvestingSound (path from sounds folder)
  • harvestedBlockCode (block code)
bigberrybush, saguarocactus, smallberrybush, log-resin
  • heatStrength (float)
boilingwater, lava, forge, firepit, pitkiln, coalpile, ember, fire
  • handleDrops (bool, default: true)
  • dropBlockFace (Compass Direction, default: "north")
  • dropBlock (block name)
  • attachmentAreas (side -> RotatableCube)
  • attachmentArea (cuboid)
tapestry, torchholder, mushroom, canvas, moldrack, painting, shelf, toolrack
  • dropBlockFace (Compass Direction, default: "North")
  • drop (block name)
agedwallpaperplanks, altar, bellows, bloomerybase, brake, cage, churn, clayoven, clutch, cokeovendoor, condenser, crank, creativerotor, helvehammerbase, jonas, labeledchest, metalpartpile, palisadestakes, palisadewall, pulverizerframe, resonator, skep, slantedroofing, slantedroofingcornerinner, slantedroofingcornerouter, statictranslocator, stationarybasket, stonecoffinsection, stove, trunk, verticalboiler, wagonwheels, windmillrotor, workbench
HorizontalUpDownOrientable - -
Ignitable - charcoalpit, clayoven, firepit
JonasBoilerDoor - jonas
JonasGasifier - jonas
JonasHydraulicPump - jonas
  • dropBlockFace (face direction, Default: north)
  • isFlexible (bool, default: false)
Lockable - archimedesscrew, chest, chute, cokeovendoor, crate, door, hopper, irondoor, labeledchest, roughhewnfencegate, stationarybasket, storagevessel, trapdoor, trunk, woodenfencegate
MilkingContainer - woodbucket
  • sizex
  • sizey
  • sizez
  • type
  • cposition
jonas, riftward, verticalboiler, banner, trunk, painting
MyceliumHost - creativegrass, forestfloor, log, soil
NoParticles - claybrickchimney
NWOrientable - bookshelves (legacy), claybrickchimney, fruitpress, fruitpresstop, mannequin, slantedroofingridge, transmission, trough, woodenpath, woodentoggle
  • facingCode (string, default: orientation)
  • attachmentAreas (side -> RotatableCube)
crystal, lantern
  • rotateH (bool, default: false)
  • rotateV (bool, default: false)
  • rotateV4 (bool, default: false)
  • rotateSides (bool, default: false)
  • facing (string, "block" or "player", default: "player")
  • dropChance(float, default: 1)
brickslabs, clayshinglelabs, cobblestoneslab, glassslab, mudbrickslab, plankslab, polishedrockslab, quartzslab, stonebrickslab, trapdoor
  • invertedPlacement (bool, default: false)
carvedlog, debarkedlog, hay, log, lognarrow, planks, plaster, quartzpillar, stackedbamboo, woodenaxle
  • vineGrowthStage(int)
  • vineGrowthQuantity(NatFloat)
  • eventName (string)
bamboo, bambooleaves, leaves, leavesbranchy, leavesnarrow, log, lognarrow, logsection
RainDrip - -
Reinforcable - -
  • dropsPickupMode (bool, default: false)
  • sound (path from sounds folder)
  • placeSound (path from sounds folder)
basereturnteleporter, bowl, bowl-meal, clayplanter, claypot, crock, crucible, egg, flowerpot, ingotmold, jug, lantern, looseflints, looseores, loosestick, loosestones, metal, oillamp, pan, pie, pineapple, pumpkin, seashell, storagevessel, toolmold, wateringcan, woodbucket
RopeTieable - roughhewnfence, woodenfence
Slab - -
Steaming - boilingwater
SneakPlacing - pan, pie, wateringcan
Unplaceable - bloomerychimney, bowl, bowl-meal, clayplanter, claypot, crock, crucible, flowerpot, ingotmold, jug, metal, pineapple, pumpkin, storagevessel, toolmold, wateringcan
  • attachedToFaces (default: down)
  • attachmentAreas (side -> RotatableCube)
bunchocandles, crop, deadcrop, firepit, oreblastingbomb, silvertorchcactus, verticalboiler, wildbeehive, woodenpath, woodenrails
  • attachableFaces (string array)
  • attachmentArea (cuboid)
  • attachmentAreas (side -> RotatableCube)
  • ignorePlaceTest (bool, default: false)
  • exceptions (block code array)
  • fallSideways (bool, default: false)
  • dustIntensity (float, default: 0)
  • fallSidewaysChance (float, default: 0.3)
  • fallSound (path from sounds folder)
  • impactDamageMul (float, default 1)
anvil, anvilpart, barrel, barrelcactus, bloomerychimney, bonyremains, bonysoil, carcass, chair, chandelier, cheese, churn, clayplanter, coalpile, dirtygravel, displaycase, drycarcass, egg, flowerpot, gravel, groundstorage, ingotmold, knappingsurface, lightningrod, looseboulders, looseflints, loosegears, looseores, loosestick, loosestones, lootvessel, metal, metalpartpile, muddygravel, oillamp, omoktabletop, pan, pie, quern, sand, seashell, sieve, sludgygravel, snowlayer, stonecoffinlid, storagevessel, table, talldisplaycase, toolmold, wateringcan, woodbucket
  • hideInteractionHelpInSurvival (bool, default: false)
  • baseCode (string)
banner, brickslabs, brickstairs, carvedlog, chute, clayshinglelabs, clayshinglestairs, clutter, cobblestoneslab, cobblestonestairs, debarkedlog, glassslab, jonas, log, mudbrickslab, planks, plankslab, plankstairs, plaster, polishedrockslab, quartzpillar, quartzslab, quartzstairs, stonebrickslab, stonebrickstairs, stonepathstairs
WorldEditFixGhostBlockPlace - -
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