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Content Mods are mods that add or change existing JSON assets within the game, using the type "content".

Content Mod Usage

As stated in Getting Started, Vintage Story contains an extensive system to add and modify game content by just using JSON files.

If you plan on modifying game content, it is recommended to backup your assets folder before beginning.

Adding Content

Nearly all of Vintage Story's assets are created in JSON files, and this is identical to how modders can add new content. By navigating the Asset System for the game, you can see thousands of in-game examples that can be edited and expanded upon. New blocks, items, entities and more can be added by simply creating new files based on these existing JSON files.

Modifying Game Content

To allow modders to make small modifications to existing JSON files, Vintage Story uses a detailed patching system that is built in to the game. For an extensive look on how to make small changes and patch files, see the JSON Patching modding page.

First Steps

Creating your own Content Mod

For a content mod to work, it needs to be set up correctly. See Developing a Content Mod for information on how to create, navigate, and update a content mod.

Following the Wiki Tutorials

When you are familiar with how to create a content mod, consider taking a look at the basic tutorials. These will guide you through creating some simple blocks, items, and recipes, as well as giving you information on some important systems for modding.

The Content Modding navigation box below shows all articles related to content modding, and will not require any C# or programming knowledge. Content mods can be quite complex at times, so it is recommended to start with the basic and intermediate tutorials before you start with making mods.

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