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Quite a variety of creatures inhabit the serene worlds of Vintage Story, here are some of the commonly encountered ones.

Naturally Spawning

Image Name Aggression Habitat / Spawning Behavior
Drifter.png Drifter Hostile Anywhere, but with difficulty increasing with depth Spawns in the dark, walks away during daytime.
Locust.png Locust Hostile Locust nests in caves Encountered in large groups. Always attacks in groups.
Creature-bell-normal.png Bell Hostile Anywhere in caves Begins to ring itself and summons nearby drifters if the player gets too close.
Wolf(Male).png Wolf Hostile Cold climates Usually encountered in groups. Actively seeks out and hunts the player.
BeeMob.png Bees Hostile Warm climates Only appear upon breaking a beehive or from thrown beenades. Attack any nearby entity, even straw dummies. Bees cannot be killed, but they despawn after 2 minutes.
Bighorn(Male).png Bighorn sheep Neutral Temperate and cold climate Usually encountered in groups. Attacks only when provoked, or when the player stands too close.
Wild pig(Male).png Wild pig Neutral Temperate climates Usually encountered in groups. Attacks only when provoked.
Chicken(Male).png Chicken Passive Temperate and warm climates Usually encountered in groups. Run away from the player, the roosters do occasionally fight back.
Fox(Male).png Fox Neutral Temperate climates Usually encountered in small groups. Attacks only when provoked.
Raccoon.png Raccoon Neutral Temperate climates Eats berries and honey. Runs from the player, but might attack if damaged.
Hyena(Male).png Hyena Hostile Warm dry climates Similar to wolves, but in dry climates.
Hare.png Hare Passive Temperate climates Eat plants grown by the player if there is no fence to protect them. Run away from the player.
Creature-bear-male-brown.png Bear Hostile Most climates Actively seeks out and hunts the player.
Creature-gazelle-male.png Gazelle Passive Dry climates Spawns in groups and flees from the player.
Termites.png Termites Passive Hot and dry climates Insects hidden in termite mounds. Break the termite mounds to get and eat the termites. Totally harmless.


You can purchase a wolf pup in a cage from a Survival Goods Trader for an average price of 8 rusty gears . The pup is feral. If you release it, it will flee and will grow into a feral wolf after some time.

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