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Bronze Locust
Health 6
Base Attack 1.5
Damage Tier 2
Abilities Climb Walls

Corrupt Locust
Health 12
Base Attack 4
Damage Tier 3
Abilities Climb Walls

Corrupt Sawblade
Health 40
Base Attack 16
Damage Tier 3
Abilities Climb Walls
Rusty gears 1*
Metal Parts 0.25 - 0.75*
Metal Scraps 0.25 - 1.25*

Locusts are a type of hostile enemy in Vintage Story, generally found underground. They are distinguished by their ability to climb on walls and ceilings.


Locusts are found underground in large groups along with their Nests.


Locusts spawn from cages and nest found in cave ceiling where light from the sky is less than 3, they respawn sometime after. Nest can be destroyed with a pickaxe and yields, Metal-parts.pngmetal parts, Flaxtwine.pngflax twine and Metal-scraps.pngmetal scraps.


Attacking the Player

Locusts will tend to stay as a group in the same area. When a player comes within 15 blocks of a Locust it will begin to glow and seek out the player sometimes bring along other locusts with it. Bronze Locusts have a melee attack that does 1.5 damage, Corrupt ones deal 4. They attack by leaping, sometimes taunting the player.


Locusts are depicted in one of the Schematic tapestries, as shown to the right. The description of the tapestry describes them as "a device to dig and organize materials," and "a little helper."

A device to dig and organize materials. Think of it as a little helper. One of his first automatons. They were precocious little things, always jittering about. Many of us took them as pets: a jolly companion for the workshop or the dig.

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