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The universal meat.

Health (Rooster/Hen) 3
Health (Chick) 1.5


Base Attack (Rooster) 0.25
Base Attack (Hen/Chick) 0
Satiety to Mate (portions) 3
Incubation Time (days) 5
Poultry 1 - 1.5*
Feathers 8 - 16*
Bone 0.5*

Chickens are one of the common animals found in the world, and are the main source of poultry, feathers, and eggs.


Chickens will spawn in light levels 12 and higher, at temperatures down to -2, in areas with as little as 0.32 rainfall. They spawn in groups that average 4 individuals, but can include many more.


Chickens will tend to wander around a small area aimlessly, usually in groups of 4 individuals. The chicks tend to stay close to the hens and the hens will try to stay close to roosters. All chickens will flee from the player if they are within 11 blocks, generally moving directly away from the player when possible and are extremely difficult to hit while running. They don’t try to avoid obstacles and will fall straight off cliffs or into pits. Upon receiving damage, hens and chicks will try to flee, while roosters will either flee or directly attack the player.

Domestication and Breeding

Main Article Animal Husbandry.

After being rounded up in a pen, chicken can be fed with grain using a small trough. Hens will lay eggs on their own every 8-15 days, which can then be picked up and used to make scrambled eggs, or as additives in meat stew and vegetable soups in the cooking pot.

To breed them, a rooster, a through with food, and a henbox will be necessary. Once the hen has laid and the henbox is full, the broody hen will sit on them for 5 days until they hatch, prolonging the incubation time if the hen is spooked during the process. Once the eggs hatch a chick will appear, growing up after 168 hours (7 days), with a 90% chance to be a hen and only a 10% chance to be a new rooster.

Range in which chicken will flee from the player decreases by 10% with each bred generation. At generation 10 and above they loose fear of player completely.


Butcher the animal by right-clicking while crouching with a knife in the active hand to harvest its corpse.

An adult hen will drop:

  • 1-2 poultry
  • 8–16 feathers
  • 0–1 bones

An adult rooster will drop:

  • 1–2 poultry
  • 8–16 feathers
  • 0–1 bones

Killing a chick yields no items.

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