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Base Attack 0.25
Abilities Flying, Invincible
Seek Range 15

Natural Generation (Spawning)

Bees are mobs that reside inside their hives. Hives will spawn at temperatures between 5 and 35°C in areas with as little as 0.35 rainfall.


Bees will ignore players unless provoked. Angry bees will attack anything nearby including players, mobs and domesticated animals.

Receiving Damage

Bees cannot be damaged, but when a player damages a hive or skep, this action may provoke bees. An angry swarm will chase the player until despawning (two minutes). Unfortunately, players cannot defend themselves against bees, making escape the only option. Placing a decoy straw dummy near a player apiary provides an alternative target for angry bees.


Bees cannot be domesticated, but can be collected in skeps and transported for propagation. See Beekeeping for information regarding keeping bees.


Breaking a hive or a skep using an empty hand (or any item) provides players with honeycomb, which is processed to create beeswax which can be used to seal crocks and create candles. Honeycomb also yields honey, which can be eaten or used for cooking.

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