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Vintage Story comes with an inbuilt video recording system that ensures the video to be in sync with the game's framerate, so even if the recording itself has low fps, the resulting video will have a high frame rate. While this tool is currently only available through chat commands you can always use the macro manager to put any sequence of commands on a keyboard key of your choosing.


  • The video recorder does not currently support audio recording.
  • You can use the video recorder and cinematic camera in conjunction by using the command .cam rec.

.vrec [start|stop|toggle|codec|videofps|tickfps|filetarget]
The cinematic camera tool system.

  • .vrec start : Starts the recording of the video.
  • .vrec stop : Stops the recording of the video.
  • .vrec toggle : Starts the recording if not currently recording and stops it if currently recording.
  • .vrec codec : Sets the encoder of the output video. For X264 you have to install [x264vfw].
  • .vrec videofps : Sets the framerate of the output video.
  • .vrec tickfps : Sets the tick framerate of the game. You probably want it to be the same as the videofps.
  • .vrec filetarget : Sets the path to where the video should be written to (default is the 'My Videos' folder).

See also : List of client commands

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