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This page includes information on playing in creative mode .

Tutorial video


The default key mappings are as follows (you can change these in the settings):

W A S D To move around
Space Jump or Fly up
Shift Sneak or Fly down
E Creative Inventory
C Character Inventory (Clothes and other Gear)
Ctrl + W Run
B Show/Hide block info
V To toggle the player location HUD
T Begin typing in the chat overlay
~ (`) To open the WorldEdit GUI (see more in How to use WorldEdit )
If doesn't work — type .we in the chat

Other creative mode key mappings:

F1 Decrease movement speed
F2 Increase movement speed
F3 Toggle flymodes and noclip modes

Some other useful key mappings:

F4 Show/Hide user interfaces
F5 Cycle through camera modes (1st person, 3rd person, overhead)
F12 Take a screenshot (they will land in your "My Pictures" folder)

Basic commands

  • /gamemode 2 or /gamemode cr
    To switch to creative mode
  • /gamemode 1 or /gamemode su
    To switch to survival mode
  • /time set morning
    Sets the daytime to 8 am
  • /time set day
    Sets the daytime to 12 am
  • /time set night
    Sets the daytime to 8 pm
  • /time speed 0
    Stops the day/night cycle
  • /time speed 60
    Resumes the day/night cycle

You can see other commands on these pages: List of client commands and List of server commands .

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