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Clothes are decorative items that can be worn in several of the player's clothing slots. Clothes provide protection from cold depending on their condition. Clothes can be repaired by left-clicking a worn clothing item in the character screen with a flax twine for 10 % or linen for 50 %. Clothing slowly degrades over time, needing to be repaired about once per year. Clothes that reach 0 % durability do not get destroyed.


There are 22 head clothing items (as of 1.17.2). All of them provide 1 warmth.

Head clothing items
Item Icon Item Name Craftable by all Classes? Crafting
Grid Minstrell hat.png Minstrell hat Clothier Only

Red cloth

Sewing kit

Red cloth

Minstrell hat

Red cloth

Red cloth

Red cloth

Red cloth

Clothes-head-fortune-tellers-scarf.png Fortune teller scarf Clothier Only
Grid Peasant head scarf.png Peasant head scarf Yes

Blue cloth

Blue cloth

Blue cloth

Peasant head scarf

Clothes-head-embriodered-coif.png Embriodered coif No (???)
Clothes-head-fancy-head-dress.png Fancy head dress No (???)
Clothes-head-gem-encrusted-fur-hat.png Gem encrusted fur hat No (Luxuries trader)
Clothes-head-gold-coronet.png Gold coronet No (Luxuries trader)
Clothes-head-jailors-hat.png Jailors hat No (???)
Clothes-head-lackey-hat.png Lackey hat No (Clothing trader)
Clothes-head-merchant-hat.png Merchant hat No (Clothing trader)
Clothes-head-messengers-hat.png Messenger hat No (Treasure hunter trader)
Clothes-head-noble-fillet.png Noble fillet No (Luxuries trader, Clothing trader)
Clothes-head-roll-hat.png Roll hat No (Creative only)
Clothes-head-shepherds-cowl.png Shepherd cowl No (Agriculture trader)
Clothes-head-silver-diadem.png Silver diadem No (Luxuries trader)
Clothes-head-snow-goggles.png Snow goggles No (Survival doods trader)
Clothes-head-squire-hood.png Squire hood No (Clothing trader)
Clothes-head-hunter-cape.png Hunter cape No (Hunter only)
File:Grid Bamboo cone hat.png Bamboo cone hat Yes
File:Grid Bamboo cone hat (large).png Bamboo cone hat (large) Yes
File:Grid Top Hat.png Top Hat Yes
File:Grid Straw Hat.png Straw Hat Yes


There are 5 face clothing items (as of 1.16.5). All of them provide 0.25 warmth.

Face clothing items
Item Icon Item Name Craftable by all Classes?
Clothes-face-leather-reinforced-mask.png Leather reinforced mask Yes
Clothes-face-hunter-mask.png Hunter face mask No
Clothes-face-malefactor-mask.png Malefactor whitewood mask No
Clothes-face-tailor-mask.png Tailor mask No
Clothes-face-forlorn-veil.png Forlorn Hope veil No


There are 14 neck clothing items (as of 1.16.5). All neck clothes provide 0 warmth.

Neck clothing items
Item Icon Item Name Craftable by all Classes?
Clothes-neck-walnut-amulet.png Walnut amulet Yes
Clothes-neck-redwood-amulet.png Redwood amulet Yes
Clothes-neck-pinecone-amulet.png Pinecone amulet Yes
Clothes-neck-larch-seed-amulet.png Larch seed amulet Yes
Clothes-neck-cypress-seed-amulet.png Cypress seed amulet Yes
Clothes-neck-acorn-amulet.png Acorn amulet Yes
Clothes-neck-bronze-gem-necklace.png Bronze gem necklace No
Clothes-neck-copper-torc.png Copper torc No
Clothes-neck-fancy-royal-collar.png Fancy royal collar No
Clothes-neck-golden-necklace.png Golden necklace No
Clothes-neck-merchant-amulet.png Merchant amulet No
Clothes-neck-noble-necklace.png Noble necklace No
Clothes-neck-pearl-necklace.png Pearl necklace No
Clothes-neck-forlorn-talisman.png Forlorn Hope talisman No


There are 21 shoulder clothing items (as of 1.16.5). Different ones provide different levels of warmth ranging from 0.5 to 1 expressed below.

Shoulder clothing item
Item Icon Item Name Warmth Craftable by all Classes?
Clothes-shoulder-embroidered-tartarean-scarf.png Embroidered tartar scarf 1 Clothier Only
Clothes-shoulder-longsleeve-pearl-moonrobe.png Longsleeve pearl moonrobe 1 Clothier Only
Clothes-shoulder-minstrel-coat.png Minstrel coat 1 Clothier Only
Clothes-shoulder-mooncloth-robe.png Mooncloth robe 1 Clothier Only
Clothes-shoulder-shortsleeve-pearl-moonrobe.png Shortsleeve pearl moonrobe 1 Clothier Only
Clothes-shoulder-artisans-scarf.png Artisans scarf 1 Yes
Clothes-shoulder-blacksmith-apron.png Blacksmith apron 0.5 Yes
Clothes-shoulder-hooded-cape.png Hooded cape 1 Yes
Clothes-shoulder-jord-robe.png Jord robe 1 Yes
Clothes-shoulder-peasent-kaftan.png Peasant kaftan 1 Yes
Clothes-shoulder-stained-leather-poncho.png Stained leather poncho 1 Yes
Clothes-shoulder-aristocrat-mantle.png Aristocrat mantle 1 No
Clothes-shoulder-embroidered-collar.png Embroidered collar 1 No
Clothes-shoulder-hunter-poncho.png Hunter poncho 1 No
Clothes-shoulder-noble-fur-collar.png Noble fur collar 1 No
Clothes-shoulder-royal-fur.png Prince fur 1 No
Clothes-shoulder-woolen-scarf.png Woolen scarf 1 No
Clothes-shoulder-squire-tunic.png Squire tunic 1 No
Clothes-shoulder-clockmaker-apron.png Clockmaker apron 0.5 No
Clothes-shoulder-forlorn-sash.png Forlorn Hope sash 1 No


There are 11 arm clothing items (as of 1.16.5). None of them provide a warmth bonus.

Arm clothing items
Item Icon Item Name Craftable by all Classes?
Clothes-arm-tailor-needlepuff.png Tailor needle puff Clothier Only
Clothes-arm-leather-bracers.png Leather bracers Yes
Clothes-arm-bronze-armlet.png Bronze armlet No
Clothes-arm-bronze-bracelet.png Bronze bracelet No
Clothes-arm-copper-bracelet.png Copper bracelet No
Clothes-arm-merchant-bracelet.png Merchant bracelet No
Clothes-arm-prisoner-binds.png Prisoner binds No
Clothes-arm-rosary.png Rosary No
Clothes-arm-silver-bracelet.png Silver bracelet No
Clothes-arm-silver-chain.png Silver chain No
Clothes-arm-squire-bracers.png Squire bracers No


There are 13 hand clothing items (as of 1.16.5). Different ones provide different levels of warmth ranging from 0 to 1.5 expressed below.

Hand clothing item
Item Icon Item Name Warmth Craftable by all Classes?
Clothes-hand-minstrel-gloves.png Minstrel gloves 0.5 Clothier Only
Clothes-hand-fur-gloves.png Fur gloves 1.5 Yes
Clothes-hand-heavy-leather-gloves.png Heavy leather gloves 0.5 Yes
Clothes-hand-laced-handsome-gloves.png Laced handsome gloves 0.5 No
Clothes-hand-lackey-gloves.png Lackey gloves 0.5 No
Clothes-hand-noble-riding-gloves.png Noble riding gloves 0.5 No
Clothes-hand-prince-gloves.png Prince gloves 0.5 No
Clothes-hand-clockmaker-wristguard.png Clockmaker wristguard 0.5 No
Clothes-hand-hunter-gloves.png Hunter gloves 0.5 No
Clothes-hand-malefactor-gloves.png Malefactor wrapped gloves 0.5 No
Clothes-hand-forlorn-bracer.png Forlorn Hope bracer 0.5 No
Clothes-hand-commoner-gloves.png Commoner gloves 0.5 No


There are 9 emblem items (as of 1.16.5). None of them provide a warmth bonus.

Emblem items
Item Icon Item Name Craftable by all Classes?
Clothes-emblem-blue-seal.png Blue Seal No
Clothes-emblem-brass-ruby-brooch.png Brass ruby brooch No
Clothes-emblem-messenger-pin.png Messenger pin No
Clothes-emblem-royal-pin.png Prince emblem No
Clothes-emblem-silver-pin.png Silver pin No
Clothes-emblem-silver-star.png Silver star No
Clothes-emblem-squire-emblem.png Squire emblem No
Clothes-emblem-blackguard-pin.png Blackguard Pin No
Clothes-emblem-malefactor-pendant.png Malefactor Bloody Pendant No

Upper Body Over

There are 15 Upper body over clothing items (as of 1.16.5). Different ones provide different levels of warmth ranging from 2 to 4 expressed below.

Upper body over clothing item
Item Icon Item Name Warmth Craftable by all Classes?
Clothes-upperbodyover-reindeer-herder-fur-coat.png Reindeer herder fur coat 2 Clothier Only
Clothes-upperbodyover-spice-merchants-coat.png Spice merchants coat 2 Clothier Only
Clothes-upperbodyover-nomad-mantle.png Nomad mantle 2 Clothier Only
Clothes-upperbodyover-cobalt-mantle.png Cobalt mantle 2 Clothier Only
Clothes-upperbodyover-fur-coat.png Fur coat 4 Yes
Clothes-upperbodyover-travelers-earthrobe.png Travelers earthrobe 2 Yes
Clothes-upperbodyover-warm-robe.png Warm robe 2 Yes
Clothes-upperbodyover-great-steppe-mantle.png Great Steppe mantle 2 No
Clothes-upperbodyover-cerise-embroidered-reindeer-herder-coat.png Cerise embroidered reindeer herder coat 2 No
Clothes-upperbodyover-commoner-coat.png Commoner coat 2 No
Clothes-upperbodyover-huntsmans-tunic.png Huntsmans tunic 2 No
Clothes-upperbodyover-jacarta-steppe-shepherds-mantle.png Jacarta steppe shepherds mantle 2 No
Clothes-upperbodyover-clockmaker-tunic.png Clockmaker tunic 2 No
Clothes-upperbodyover-hunter-coat.png Hunter coat 2 No
Clothes-upperbodyover-malefactor-cloak.png Malefactor heavy cloak 2 No

Upper Body

There are 33 upper body clothing items (as of 1.16.5). All upper body clothes provide 2 warmth.

Upper body clothing items
Item Icon Item Name Craftable by all Classes?
Clothes-upperbody-azure-embroidered-shirt.png Azure embroidered shirt Clothier Only
Clothes-upperbody-minstrel-shirt.png Minstrel shirt Clothier Only
Clothes-upperbody-reindeer-herder-collared-shirt.png Reindeer herder collared shirt Clothier Only
Clothes-upperbody-pastoral-shirt.png Pastoral shirt Clothier only
Clothes-upperbody-earth-toned-robe.png Earth toned robe Yes
Clothes-upperbody-peasent-shirt.png Peasant shirt Yes
Clothes-upperbody-scarlet-ornate-linen-tunic.png Scarlet ornate linen tunic Yes
Clothes-upperbodyover-raw-hide-mantle.png Rawhide mantle Yes
Clothes-upperbody-homespun-shirt.png Homespun shirt Yes
Clothes-upperbody-aristocrat-shirt.png Aristocrat shirt No
Clothes-upperbody-hunter-shirt.png Hunter shirt No
Clothes-upperbody-great-steppe-shirt.png Great Steppe shirt No
Clothes-upperbody-jailor-tunic.png Jailor tunic No
Clothes-upperbody-lackey-shirt.png Lackey shirt No
Clothes-upperbody-linen-tunic.png Linen tunic No
Clothes-upperbody-merchant-shirt.png Merchant shirt No
Clothes-upperbody-messenger-shirt.png Messenger shirt No
Clothes-upperbody-noble-shirt.png Noble shirt No
Clothes-upperbody-pearl-shirt.png Pearl shirt No
Clothes-upperbody-prince-tunic.png Prince tunic No
Clothes-upperbody-shepherd-tunic.png Shepherd tunic No
Clothes-upperbody-squire-shirt.png Squire shirt No
Clothes-upperbody-tattered-crimson-tunic.png Tattered crimson tunic No
Clothes-upperbody-tattered-linen-shirt.png Tattered linen shirt No
Clothes-upperbody-temptress-velvet-shirt.png Temptress velvet shirt No
Clothes-upperbody-woolen-shirt.png Woolen shirt No
Clothes-upperbody-blackguard-shirt.png Blackguard shirt No
Clothes-upperbody-clockmaker-shirt.png Clockmaker shirt No
Clothes-upperbody-malefactor-tunic.png Malefactor leather tunic No
Clothes-upperbody-malefactor-shirt.png Malefactor shirt No
Clothes-upperbody-forlorn-tunic.png Forlorn Hope tunic No
Clothes-upperbody-commoner-shirt.png Commoner shirt No


There are 24 Waist clothing items (as of 1.16.5). All upper body clothes provide 0.3 warmth.

Waist clothing items
Item Icon Item Name Craftable by all Classes?
Clothes-waist-fortune-teller-hip-scarf.png Fortune teller hip scarf Clothier Only
Clothes-waist-reindeer-herder-waistband.png Reindeer herder waistband Clothier Only
Clothes-waist-aristocrat-belt.png Aristocrat sash No
Clothes-waist-cerise-embroidered-reindeer-herder-waistband.png Cerise embroidered reindeer herder waistband No
Clothes-waist-fancy-royal-belt.png Fancy royal belt No
Clothes-waist-gold-waist-chain.png Gold waist chain No
Clothes-waist-heavy-belt.png Heavy belt No
Clothes-waist-heavy-tool-belt.png Heavy tool belt No
Clothes-waist-jailor-belt.png Jailor belt No
Clothes-waist-linen-rope.png Linen rope No
Clothes-waist-merchant-belt.png Merchant belt No
Clothes-waist-messenger-belt.png Messenger belt No
Clothes-waist-moss-embroidered-belt.png Moss embroidered belt No
Clothes-waist-noble-sash.png Noble sash No
Clothes-waist-peasent-strap.png Peasant strap No
Clothes-waist-prince-waistband.png Prince waistband No
Clothes-waist-squire-belt.png Squire belt No
Clothes-waist-sturdy-belt.png Sturdy belt No
Clothes-waist-sturdy-leather-belt.png Sturdy leather belt No
Clothes-waist-blackguard-belt.png Blackguard belt No
Clothes-waist-clockmaker-belt.png Clockmaker toolbelt No
Clothes-waist-malefactor-sash.png Malefactor sash No
Clothes-waist-forlorn-belt.png Forlorn Hope belt No
Clothes-waist-tailor-belt.png Tailor belt No

Lower Body

There are 18 lower body clothing items (as of 1.16.5). Different ones provide different levels of warmth ranging from 1 to 3 expressed below.

Lower body clothing item
Item Icon Item Name Warmth Craftable by all Classes?
Clothes-lowerbody-fine-trousers.png Fine trousers 2 Clothier Only
Clothes-lowerbody-minstrel-pants.png Minstrel pants 2 Clothier Only
Clothes-lowerbody-nomad-trousers.png Nomad trousers 2 Clothier Only
Clothes-lowerbody-reindeer-herder-trousers.png Reindeer herder trousers 2 Clothier Only
Clothes-lowerbody-raw-hide-trousers.png Rawhide trousers 2 Yes
Clothes-lowerbody-tattered-peasent-gown.png Tattered peasant gown 2 Yes
Clothes-lowerbody-workmans-gown.png Workmans pants 2 Yes
Clothes-lowerbody-aristocrat-leggings.png Aristocrat leggings 2 No
Clothes-lowerbody-dirty-linen-trousers.png Dirty linen trousers 2 No
Clothes-lowerbody-jailor-pants.png Jailor pants 2 No
Clothes-lowerbody-lackey-breeches.png Lackey breeches 2 No
Clothes-lowerbody-merchant-pants.png Merchant pants 2 No
Clothes-lowerbody-messenger-trousers.png Messenger trousers 2 No
Clothes-lowerbody-noble-pants.png Noble pants 2 No
Clothes-lowerbody-prince-breeches.png Prince breeches 2 No
Clothes-lowerbody-shepherd-pants.png Shepherd pants 2 No
Clothes-lowerbody-squire-pants.png Squire pants 2 No
Clothes-lowerbody-torn-riding-pants.png Torn riding pants 1 No
Clothes-lowerbody-warm-woolen-pants.png Warm woolen pants 3 No
Clothes-lowerbody-woolen-leggings.png Woolen leggings 3 No
Clothes-lowerbody-blackguard-leggings.png Blackguard leggings 2 No
Clothes-lowerbody-clockmaker-pants.png Clockmaker pants 2 No
Clothes-lowerbody-hunter-leggings.png Hunter leggings 2 No
Clothes-lowerbody-malefactor-trousers.png Malefactor trousers 2 No
Clothes-lowerbody-forlorn-pants.png Forlorn Hope pants 2 No
Clothes-lowerbody-commoner-trousers.png Commoner trousers 2 No


There are 30 foot clothing items (as of 1.16.5). Different ones provide different levels of warmth ranging from 0.5 to 1.5 expressed below.

Foot clothing item
Item Icon Item Name Warmth Craftable by all Classes?
Clothes-foot-nomad-boots.png Nomad boots 1 Clothier Only
Clothes-foot-fur-lined-reindeer-herder-shoes.png Fur lined reindeer herder shoes 1.5 Clothier Only
Clothes-foot-high-leather-boots.png High leather boots 1 Yes
Clothes-foot-knee-high-fur-boots.png Knee-high fur boots 3 Yes
Clothes-foot-minstrel-boots.png Minstrel boots 1 Yes
Clothes-foot-peasent-slippers.png Peasant slippers 0.5 Yes
Clothes-foot-tigh-high-boots.png Thigh-high boots 1 Yes
Clothes-foot-worn-leather-boots.png Worn leather boots 0.5 Yes
Clothes-foot-aristocrat-shoes.png Aristocrat shoes 0.5 No
Clothes-foot-great-steppe-boots.png Great Steppe boots 1 No
Clothes-foot-jailor-boots.png Jailor boots 1 No
Clothes-foot-lackey-shoes.png Lackey shoes 1 No
Clothes-foot-merchant-shoes.png Merchant shoes 0.5 No
Clothes-foot-messenger-shoes.png Messenger shoes 1 No
Clothes-foot-metalcap-boots.png Metalcap boots 1 No
Clothes-foot-noble-shoes.png Noble shoes 0.5 No
Clothes-foot-prince-boots.png Prince boots 1 No
Clothes-foot-prisoner-binds.png Prisoner binds 1 No
Clothes-foot-shepherd-sandals.png Shepherd sandals 0.5 No
Clothes-foot-soldier-boots.png Soldier boots 0.5 No
Clothes-foot-squire-boots.png Squire boots 1 No
Clothes-foot-temptress-velvet-shoes.png Temptress velvet shoes 1 No
Clothes-foot-wool-lined-knee-high-boots.png Wool lined knee-high boots 1.5 No
Clothes-foot-blackguard-shoes.png Blackguard shoes 1 No
Clothes-foot-clockmaker-shoes.png Clockmaker felt shoes 0.5 No
Clothes-foot-hunter-boots.png Hunter boots 1.5 No
Clothes-foot-malefactor-boots.png Malefactor wrapped boots 1 No
Clothes-foot-forlorn-shoes.png Forlorn Hope shoes 1 No
Clothes-foot-tailor-shoes.png Tailor shoes 1 No
Clothes-foot-commoner-boots.png Commoner boots 1 No

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