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A bag is an item that allows players to expand their carry capacity. Bags are carried in a special section of the hotbar, and players can equip up to four bags simultaneously. Several different types of bags are available with a variety of slots.


All bags can be crafted by players in the crafting grid. Additionally, the linen sack may be sold by a survival trader.

There are five bags that can be created in the game.

Grid Hand basket.png Hand basket Made using reeds. Adds 3 slots.
Grid hunterbackpack.png Hunter's backpack Made using reed, pelts and bones. Adds 4 slots.
Linensack.png Linen sack Made using flax cloth and thread. Adds 5 slots.
Miningbag.png Mining bag Made using flax cloth, thread and bronze plates. Adds 10 slots, but can only hold ores, loose stones, rocks and minerals.
Backpack.png Backpack Made using leather. Adds 6 slots.
Quiver.png Quiver Adds 10 slots, but can only hold arrows.


Bags must be placed in a bag slot in the hotbar for them to take effect. They automatically provide more carrying slots in the inventory screen. If a bag is dropped, any items stored in it are retained.

Bags can also be placed on the ground. They cannot be opened on the ground, and must be worn to adjust their contents, so they are not useful for additional storage.

Because players are limited to the hotbar for inventory space without a bag, making hand baskets is a very high priority for any new game. The hand basket and hunter's backpack can be made using easily-obtained materials, providing a decent amount of early-game inventory space.

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