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The Bell is a rare enemy monster found in caves. They are very strong and are similar to mini-bosses in that aspect.

Health 100
Base Attack N/A
Abilities Summon Drifters
Seek Range 15
Rusty gears 0.2 - 2.2*
Metal Parts 1.5*
Metal Scraps 1.5 - 5.5*
Resonance archive 1 0.1*
Resonance archive 2 0.12*
Resonance archive 3 0.14*
Resonance archive 4 0.16*
Resonance archive 5 0.18*
Resonance archive 6 0.20*
Resonance archive 7 0.22*
Resonance archive 8 0.24*
Resonance archive 9 0.26*


Bells are found underground, and while harmless in itself, it can spawn a large number of drifters.


Bells spawn in caves where light from the sky is less than 3, and depth less then 0.7. They always spawn alone.


Summoning monsters

Bells will summon any type of Drifters except for the Double Headed Drifter and Nightmare Drifter and can also spawn Bronze Locust. So its advised to try and take it out as soon as possible or the player can quickly find him/herself overwhelmed.

<translate> Entities</translate>
<translate> Passive</translate> <translate> ChickenFoxRacoonGazelleSalmonButterflyRabbitTradersGrub</translate>
<translate> Neutral</translate> <translate> BighornWild Pig</translate>
<translate> Hostile</translate> <translate> WolfHyenaBearDrifterLocustBell</translate>

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