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Metal scraps are a resource that can be found in ruins, in the form of metal spikes, or dropped by enemies.


Metal scraps can be found as junk metal piles in underground ruins, as well as around locust nests in the form of metal spikes. It can be looted from Bells and Corrupt Sawblade locust and drops from locust nests upon breaking them with a pickaxe.


Metal scraps can be sold to Building Material traders. Metal scrap may also be used to create black dye.

Scrap weapon kits



Metal scraps


Metal scraps can be crafted into scrap weapon kits, which can be used to obtain any of the below scrap weapons at random:

  • Axe-scrap.png Scrap axe
  • Spear-scrap.png Scrap spear
  • Longblade-scrap.png Scrap longblade
  • Woodenclub-scrap.png Scrap club
  • Woodenclub-scrapmace.png Scrap mace

Scrap weapons have the same attack power as copper weapons, and are slightly worse at mining blocks. Scrap axes, spears and longblades have roughly half the durability of their copper counterparts. The scrap club and scrap mace have higher attack power and durability than the wooden club, with the scrap club having higher attack (2.5) and lower durability (125) while the scrap mace has lower attack (2) and higher durability (200).

Video Tutorials

Detailed explanation how to make scrap weapons, for version 1.16.

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