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Knives are tools used to harvest grass, cattails, and wild foods including meat from animals. Knives are used to craft wood items and in leather working.


Copper knife blade


Copper knife

The raw material used to create the tool head determines the crafting process required:

  • Knapping: Any tool-making stones. Produces two blades.
  • Smithing (one ingot): crafted from any tool-appropriate metal. Produces one blade

Tool Tier Table

Material Durability Material Tier Mining Speed (Plant) Attack Power (HP) Attack Tier
Other Stone 45 1 N/A 0.8 1
Flint 65 1 1.2x 1.0 1
Obsidian 80 1 1.2x 1.5 1
Copper 300 2 1.5x 1.5 2
Tin bronze 450 3 1.8x 2.5 3
Bismuth bronze 500 3 1.7x 2.0 3
Black bronze 550 3 1.9x 3.0 3
Iron 900 4 2.0x 3.5 4
Gold 150 2 1.6x 2.5 2
Silver 150 2 1.6x 2.5 2


The knife is the most efficient way to harvest wild foods and plant resources, including grass and Cooper's Reed in early stages of the game.


Knives can butcher dead animals and certain mobs, such as drifters. Players need to place the knife in an active hotbar slot and harvest the corpse until the butchering interface opens, allowing players to obtain items from butchering mobs. Once all items are removed from the butchering menu, the corpse and the butchering menu will both be removed.

Knives can also be used to harvest plants, by placing the knife in an active hotbar slot and left-clicking on the target block. Examples of plant resources that must be harvested with a knife include dry grass and reeds or papyrus. Some plants can be harvested faster with an equipped knife, such as mushrooms.


Knives can be used to attack mobs in melee combat, by equipping it in the hotbar and striking mobs with the knife. Knives have the shortest melee range of any weapon.


Knives are sometimes used in grid-based crafting in order to create certain items, especially those that need to be cut, carved, or scraped. The knife is not consumed in the process, and can be removed from the grid after crafting. If the player does not remove the knife from the crafting grid when closing the crafting menu, the knife will go to the first available empty hotbar or inventory slot, in that order.

The knife is used to craft:


Knives are items commonly used by players and are generally equipped in the hotbar. Up to four knives can be placed on the tool rack, a specialized wall-mounted storage container. Knives do not stack in inventory or when placed in containers.

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