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Vintagetext Markup Language (VTML), is a (obviously) completely novel and highly advanced markup language designed to display richly formatted text inside Vintage Story. These are often used to create more versatile handbook pages.


  • <br>
    Causes a line break
  • <i>text</i>
    Causes the text to be in italic font
  • <strong>text</strong>
    Causes the text to be in bold font
  • <a href="url">text</a>
    Turns text into a clickable link. You can link to websites (http://), handbook pages (handbook://pagecode), search results in the handbook (handbooksearch://text_in_your_language), a link that types in the chatbox ("chattype:///giveblock clutter{type: \"barrel-metal1\"}"), trigger hotkeys (hotkey://code) or commands (command:///time set day). Custom links can be added by mods as well using ICoreAPI.RegisterLinkProtocol
  • <font size="num" color="hexcolor" weight="bold" lineheight="1.2" align="right" opacity="0.5">text</font>
    Formats the text by given properties, all properties are optional
  • <hk>command</hk> or <hotkey>command</hotkey>
    Display the actual current mapping of the "command" key, e.g <hk>sprint</hk> displays the current key used to activate the sprint in your game.


<icon name="[icon name]"></icon>
Draws an internal icon. See the list below. Note that the waypoint svg icon files are also registered as internal icons.

<icon path="[icon svg path]"></icon>
Draws an icon from an svg file. The path is relative to the texture folder, and should include the svg extension. By default the icons are loaded from the base game, but icons can be loaded from mods by prefixing the path with the mod domain (followed by a colon).

Both kinds of mods can be scaled and colored by the font tag. This is almost necessary for the svg icons, as they are otherwise rendered very small. For example, <font size="30"><icon path="icons/checkmark.svg"></icon></font>

Internal Icons

These icons are used in World Edit, for the equipment slots and for the tutorial.

  • <icon name=none></icon>
    Crossed out circle
  • <icon name=dice></icon>
    Adds a dice icon
  • <icon name=paintbrush></icon>
    Adds a paintbrush icon
  • <icon name=raiselower></icon>
    Adds a terraforming icon
  • <icon name=airbrush></icon>
    Adds an airbrush icon
  • <icon name=erode></icon>
    Adds an erosion icon
  • <icon name=move></icon>
    Adds an arrow icon
  • <icon name=import></icon>
    Adds an import icon
  • <icon name=eraser></icon>
    Adds an eraser icon
  • <icon name=growshrink></icon>
    Adds a size changing icon
  • <icon name=line></icon>
    Adds a line icon
  • <icon name=lake></icon>
    Adds a water icon
  • <icon name=floodfill></icon>
    Adds an overflowing bucket icon
  • <icon name=tree></icon>
    Adds a tree icon
  • <icon name=undo></icon>
    Adds an undo icon
  • <icon name=redo></icon>
    Adds a redo icon
  • <icon name=copy></icon>
    Adds a copy icon
  • <icon name=select></icon>
    Adds a select icon
  • <icon name=repeat></icon>
    Adds a repeat icon
  • <icon name=trousers></icon>
    Adds a trouser icon
  • <icon name=gloves></icon>
    Adds a glove icon
  • <icon name=hat></icon>
    Adds a hat icon
  • <icon name=shirt></icon>
    Adds a shirt icon
  • <icon name=boots></icon>
    Adds a boot icon
  • <icon name=basket></icon>
    Adds a basket icon
  • <icon name=cape></icon>
    Adds a cape icon
  • <icon name=ring></icon>
    Adds a ring icon
  • <icon name=medal></icon>
    Adds a medal icon
  • <icon name=belt></icon>
    Adds a belt icon
  • <icon name=necklace></icon>
    Adds a necklace icon
  • <icon name=pullover></icon>
    Adds a pullover icon
  • <icon name=mask></icon>
    Adds a mask icon
  • <icon name=bracers></icon>
    Adds a bracer icon
  • <icon name=handheld></icon>
    Adds an icon of a hand holding a tool
  • <icon name=left></icon>
    Adds an icon of an arrow pointing left
  • <icon name=right></icon>
    Adds an icon of an arrow pointing right
  • <icon name=offhand></icon>
    Adds an icon of a left empty hand
  • <icon name=leftmousebutton></icon>
    Adds an icon of a mouse with highlighted left button
  • <icon name=rightmousebutton></icon>
    Adds an icon of a mouse with highlighted right button
  • <icon name=plusicon>
    Plus icon

Waypoint Icons

These are the icons that are already used for the waypoints and map images in-game.

  • <icon name=wpCircle></icon>
    Adds an icon of a circle
  • <icon name=wpPlayer></icon>
    Adds a pear shaped icon
  • <icon name=wpTurnip></icon>
    Adds an icon of a turnip
  • <icon name=wpGrain></icon>
    Adds an icon of grain
  • <icon name=wpApple></icon>
    Adds an icon of an apple
  • <icon name=wpBerries></icon>
    Adds an icon of berries
  • <icon name=wpMushroom></icon>
    Adds an icon of a mushroom
  • <icon name=wpBee></icon>
    Adds an icon of a bee
  • <icon name=wpCave></icon>
    Adds an icon of a mountain
  • <icon name=wpGear></icon>
    Adds an icon of a gear
  • <icon name=wpGravestone></icon>
    Adds an icon of a gravestone
  • <icon name=wpHome></icon>
    Adds an icon of a house
  • <icon name=wpLadder></icon>
    Adds an icon of a ladder out of a hole
  • <icon name=wpPick></icon>
    Adds an icon of a pickaxe
  • <icon name=wpPropick></icon>
    Adds an icon of a prospecting pickaxe
  • <icon name=wpRocks></icon>
    Adds an icon of rocks
  • <icon name=wpRuins></icon>
    Adds an icon of a ruin
  • <icon name=wpSkull_and_crossbones></icon>
    Adds a skull and crossbones icon
  • <icon name=wpSpiral></icon>
    Adds an icon of a spiral
  • <icon name=wpStar1></icon>
    Adds an icon of a four point star
  • <icon name=wpStar2></icon>
    Adds an icon of a five point star
  • <icon name=wpTrader></icon>
    Adds an icon of a trader's caravan
  • <icon name=wpTree></icon>
    Adds an icon of an evergreen tree
  • <icon name=wpTree2></icon>
    Adds an icon of a deciduous tree
  • <icon name=wpVessel></icon>
    Adds an icon of a vessel
  • <icon name=wpX></icon>
    Adds an icon of an X
  • <icon name=wpCross></icon>
    Adds an icon of a cross

Builtin SVG Icons

These icons are included in the base game. Additional SVG icons can be added by mods by placing them in the textures folder. By default the icons are rendered very small. So the example image on the side uses font size 30 for the icons and font size 16 for the names.

  • <icon path="icons/excla.svg"></icon>
    Exclamation mark
  • <icon path="icons/warning.svg"></icon>
  • <icon path="icons/checkmark.svg"></icon>
  • <icon path="icons/heatmap.svg"></icon>
    Contour map
  • <icon path="icons/rocks.svg"></icon>
  • <icon path="icons/scytheremove.svg"></icon>
    Completely remove grass block with scythe
  • <icon path="icons/scythetrim.svg"></icon>
    Trim the top of the grass block with scythe
  • <icon path="icons/character/armor-body.svg"></icon>
    Chest plate
  • <icon path="icons/character/armor-helmet.svg"></icon>
  • <icon path="icons/character/armor-legs.svg"></icon>
  • <icon path="icons/worldedit/chiselbrush.svg"></icon>

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