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Benvingut a la wiki de Vintage Story, una base de coneixement impulsada per la comunitat per a Vintage Story.

Vintage Story is an uncompromising wilderness survival sandbox game inspired by eldritch horror themes. Find yourself in a ruined world reclaimed by nature and permeated by unnerving temporal disturbances. Relive the advent of human civilization, or take your own path. It is currently under development and available for purchase as an early access title.

We currently have 2.140 articles. If you're a modder looking for source code to examine, feel free to head over to the Vintage Story GitHub.

Game Update News
Hot springs released in 1.18.0
Latest stable version

Version 1.19.8
Dot the i's and cross the t's

Most recent updates

v1.19.0-rc.8 Dejank Redux

  • Bug fixes
  • Tweaks

Stable Idle Server RAM Saver

  • Game servers can now be launched in standby mode
  • Added new world config to define the despawn time of items dropped on death
  • Bug fixes
  • Tweaks
Version History
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