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Regular surface whereabouts


The traversable world, nature, sunlight, rain, nature and life.


The Surface Level is defined as the highest blocks that will be affected by rain or sunlight.

Height Values

Height varies depending on the distance between the Mantle and the Surface. When talking about generation and mechanics, the game will calculate its values using the following criteria:

  • The Surface will have a height of 1 or 100%.
  • The Mantle will have a height of 0 or 0%.

The calculations won't be based on coordinates or blocks, but in the value regarding the percentage defined by the previous Height Values.

Example: If you are in a hill that has a y of 150, and you are looking for height 0.6 or 60%; you will need to look at y90.



See Metal for detailed information.

Some ores, such as Lead , Copper , Brown coal , Borax and Quartz can be spotted as bits on the surface. This indicates that a deposit of these minerals is located underground.

Hills and cliffs may expose ore deposits due to the nature of ore generation.

Ore Generation

See Ore Deposits for detailed information.

Ore Generation will follow the Height Values mechanic. The specific values for ores can be seen in their own tables .

Example: Brown Coal is generated between the height values 0.48 (48%) and 0.92 (92%), this mean that, if the distance between the Mantle and the Surface is 100 blocks, Brown Coal will be generated between the blocks y48 and y92 (based on coordinates).



In order to survive, animals need light. Any that ventures into a cave will die after a while if no light is present.


See Farming for detailed information.

Unless defined on World Configuration, plants cannot grow underground .


See Ruins for detailed information.

Ruins of structures can be found on the surface and underground. They hide loot in cracked vessels and bony soil that you can dig that can also give some loot after panning it.

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