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Clay forming is a crafting method that allows the player to place tiny cubes (voxels) of clay in layers that form a shaped container, which is then fired in a pit kiln to finish the item. The forming mechanic is similar to knapping stone tools, where voxels must be added or removed to create the desired object.

Required Materials

To form clay items a player needs blue clay or fire clay , as well as dry grass, sticks, and firewood /peat for a pit kiln .

Left: Blue Clay. Right: Fire Clay

Acquiring Clay

Clay deposits are commonly found in temperate climates and can be harvested with bare hands or a shovel. There are different types of clay in the world, blue clay and fire clay. For tool molds and items like bowls and pots, either kind of clay may be used, but the bloomery must be built with fire clay bricks .

Shaping Molds and Items

Clay mold recipe dialog box.
  1. Select clay in the active hand.
  2. Aim the white crosshairs on a solid surface and open the clay forming menu and select the item to be crafted.
  3. The clay forming grid will appear on the selected surface. To craft the chosen mold or item, the 'green' colored voxels must be filled Right mouse button and clay removed Left mouse button from any 'orange' colored voxels to create each layer of the form. As each layer of the clay item is completed, the next layer will appear above the last. It's helpful to sit on the ground (press G) while shaping clay.
  4. When all layers of the item or mold are completed, the dialog box will disappear and the formed items will jump into the inventory of the player who placed or removed the last voxel of clay. Formed items can be placed on a surface before firing and picked up Right mouse button. Breaking will not destroy an item.
First clay layer.

Clay Tool Modes

To change the number of clay voxels added or removed (1x1, 2x2 and 3x3), press F and select the 'brush size' as indicated by the first three menu options. The last tool menu option,'Copy' allows a player to duplicate identical layers of clay voxels. When this menu option is selected, the added "layer" of clay will match the pattern of voxels directly underneath the current layer "under construction".

Clay Oven

See also Clay Oven.

This specific item can only be formed with fire clay, and requires a hefty amount of it. It can be used without firing afterwards, and is necessary for cooking bread and pies.

Pit Kiln

Once the form is complete, the clay items must be baked in a pit kiln , as well as requiring dry grass, sticks, and firewood or peat. The one exception to this is the clay oven.

Pit kilns generally take about 20 in-game hours to complete. Once fired, pottery items can then be used.

Using Finished Pottery Items and Molds

Many of the items made with clay are containers used in other types of crafting. Most baked items can be placed on the ground, and many pottery items can be picked up again with an empty hand.

Using Items

The cooking pot and bowl are used in cooking, while the watering can has a use in farming. Crocks and Storage Vessels are containers used in food preservation. Shingles can be used to construct clay shingles blocks , Flowerpots and Planters are containers used in decorating. Lamellae are used as components in crafting armor .

Using Molds

For more information and instructions when using molds to cast metal ingots, tools and weapons, see separate pages on: crucible , molds and casting .

Clay Required to Create Items and Molds

Name Item/Mold Quantity of clay Quantity of produced items
Bowl Item 1, 4 1 or 4
Cooking pot Item 4, 16 1 or 4
Crucible Item 2, 13 1 or 4
Crock Item 2, 14 1 or 4
Flowerpot Item 4, 23 1 or 4
Jug Item 5 1
Planter Item 18 1
Shingles Item 7 12
Storage Vessel Item 35 1
Watering Can Item 10 1
Anvil Mold 28 1
Axe head Mold 11 1
Hammer head Mold 12 1
Hoe head Mold 12 1
Ingot Mold 2, 5 1 or 2
Lamellae Mold 8 1
Pickaxe head Mold 12 1
Prospector's Pick Mold 13 1
Shovel head Mold 11 1
Falx blade Mold 12 1
Clay Oven * Other 69 1

*Does not need to be fired to function

Video Tutorials

Explanation of clay firing v 1.15 Alternative Explanation of clay firing since 1.15

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