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Stackable 16
Smelt Point 327°C
Smelt Duration 30 s
Smelt Ratio
Requires Container Yes

Lead is a metal obtained from smelting galena ore.


See also: Ore Deposits

Lead is created from galena ore. Galena can be found as a surface ore in sedimentary stone, as ore blocks or surface bits.

20 galena nuggets produces one lead ingot. Due to its low melting point, lower temperature fuels such as firewood or peat can be used as well as higher-temperature fuels like charcoal and coal.


Lead is used to create lead solder, which is used to create distilling equipment. It is also a component for making leaded glass panels.

Lead ingots can be worked on an anvil without being heated. However, the only items that can be made this way are lead plates using two lead ingots. Lead plates can be used to make an Archimedes screw.


Lead is used for molybdochalkos, at a ratio of 8-12% copper to 88-92% lead. Molybdochalkos plates can be used to make lanterns and the Archimedes screw.

Lead can also be alloyed into lead solder ingots, at a ratio of 45-55% lead to 45-55% tin.

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