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Grid Copper Ingot.png
Stackable 64
Smelt Point 1084°C
Smelt Duration s
Smelt Ratio
Requires Container Yes

Copper is a Tier 2 metal. It is likely to be the first metal available to players at the beginning of a game. Copper may be cast or smithed into a variety of tools, weapons, armor and items. It is also a component in many alloys.


Copper nuggets can be obtained through panning, mining, or simply picking up surface bits of copper-containing ores. Due to the size of deep native copper veins as well as its presence as a surface ore in most rock types, it is one of the most common metals players will find.

Copper nuggets may also be sold by a commodities trader, or found in cracked vessels in ruins.


There are two types of copper-containing ores in the game:

  • Malachite
  • Native copper

These ores may appear as surface deposits, or as deep native copper veins. Copper ores can be detected through the use of a prospecting pick. Mining copper ores with a pickaxe creates ore chunks, which must be further smashed with a hammer to yield useable nuggets.


Copper nuggets must be smelted in a crucible until molten before use. Molten copper can be directly poured into a cast, or into an ingot mold to form ingots for smithing. Copper tools qualify as Tier 2 tools and weapons, and as such a copper pickaxe is capable of mining through stone.

Malachite nuggets may be used as a pigment, producing the color verdigris.


Copper nuggets or bits must be melted down in a crucible on a firepit. Due to its higher smelting temperature, this process will require high-temperature fuel such as charcoal or coal.

Liquid copper can be poured into molds created through clay forming. Copper can also be cast into ingots for smithing.


Copper ingots can be heated in a forge and smithed using an anvil and hammer into a variety of items. Some copper items can only be made via smithing, such as copper plates or saws.


Copper is a primary component of all bronze alloys, used for Tier 3 items. Copper is also used for brass (alloyed with zinc) and molybdochalkos (alloyed with lead).

Alloys of copper
Alloy Copper % Other metal % Other metal %
Tin bronze Copper 88-92% Tin 8-12% -
Black bronze Copper 68-84% Silver 8-16% Gold 8-16%
Bismuth bronze Copper 50-70% Zinc 20-30% Bismuth 10-20%
Brass Copper 60-70% Zinc 30-40% -
Molybdochalkos Copper 8-12% Lead 88-92% -


Copper is generally the first metal players will be able to use, due to its abundance and ease of smelting. Copper equipment and items allow players to mine stone blocks, create saws for advanced carpentry, and create effective weapons and armor. Because copper opens up many new abilities for players, gaining the ability to work with copper is referred to as "starting the Copper Age".

Because both a pickaxe and a hammer are needed for effective mining (as opposed to panning or picking up surface bits), players will need to obtain 40 copper nuggets in total to properly enter the Copper Age. Copper anvils are capable of smithing Tier 3 metals, which includes all forms of bronze. However, copper anvils cannot be used to work Tier 4 and above metals, such as iron or steel. Therefore, in order to progress past the Copper Age into the Iron Age, players must fully master the use of bronze tools.

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