Meteoric iron

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Meteoric iron ingot
Stackable 16
Smelt Point 1476°C
Smelt Duration 30 s
Smelt Ratio
Requires Container Yes

Meteoric iron is a Tier 4 metal, comparable but slightly better than iron while being less effective than steel. It is used, unalloyed, to create a variety of useful equipment, tools and items.


Meteoric iron can only be found in meteor crash sites. These crash sites can sometimes be identified as slight depressions in the area, with suevite stones and potentially meteoric iron bits on the surface. Players can dig down a few layers into the surrounding rock to find meteoric iron blocks. Meteoric iron must be mined with a Tier 4 or better pickaxe, such as an iron pickaxe.

Like iron, meteoric iron ore must be smelted in a bloomery. Instead of creating an iron bloom, the process will result in a finished meteoric iron ingot. Two pieces of meteoric iron smelt into one ingot.


Meteoric iron ingots can be smithed on a Tier 3 (iron) or better anvil. Meteoric iron tools and equipment have better durability, mining speed, attack power and damage reduction than their iron counterparts. However, due to the relative scarcity of meteoric iron, it is more economical to produce the majority of tier 4 goods with wrought iron.

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