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Grid Copper hammer.png
Type Tools
Durability Copper: 500
Tin Bronze: 750
Bismuth Bronze: 900
Black Bronze: 1100
Gold: 250
Silver: 250
Iron: 1800
Meteoric Iron: 2100
Steel: 4500
Stackable 1

Hammers are tools used in crafting to work ingots on an anvil when Smithing.


The raw material used to create the tool head determines the crafting process required:

  • Casting (100 units): Copper and Bronze alloy
  • Smithing (1 ingot): Iron, Bronze alloy, copper (silver and gold)
  • Assembly:



Copper hammer

Tool Tier Table

Material Durability Material Tier Attack Power (HP) Attack Tier
Copper 500 2 1.3 2
Tin Bronze 750 3 1.8 3
Bismuth Bronze 900 3 1.5 3
Black Bronze 1100 3 2.0 3
Gold 250 2 1.5 2
Silver 250 2 1.5 2
Iron 1800 4 2.3 4
Meteoric Iron 2100 4 2.3 4
Steel 4500 5 2.5 5


The hammer is the primary tool used in the crafting method smithing. Pressing the Left Mouse button "hits" the metal item on an anvil and changes the shape and location of voxels in the metal ingot based on the selected tool mode.

Smithing Hammer Modes 1.11

Press 'F' with a hammer in the active hand to view and change tool modes.

  • Spread: (sunburst) spreads metal in all directions over three blocks,
  • Single Direction: (arrow icons) 4 directional options move metal in the direction indicated by the arrows
  • Cut: (wedge icon) removes a voxel of metal.

Smithing Hammer Modes 1.12

Press 'F' with a hammer in the active hand to view and change tool modes.

  • Heavy Hit
    When used on the bottom layer: No effect
    When used on the upper layers: If near the edge, it will move voxels the the lower layer, i.e. flatten the work item. Otherwise it will spread apart the voxels.
  • Upset (Up, Left, Down, Right)
    When used on the bottom layer: Move voxels to the upper layer, only possible at the edges of a work item
    When used on upper layers: Move voxels horizontally or down by a layer if its at the edge
  • Split
    Irrevocably removes one voxel


Hammers are not used to harvest materials, but are used to crush chunks of stone containing ores (mined with a pickaxe) and obtain smeltable nuggets.


Attacking a mob (melee combat): place the tool in an active hotbar slot and press or hold left mouse button to strike the target.


Place the hammer in the grid crafting slot above the item to be crushed. When using the hammer and chisel, generally the hammer is placed above the chisel, and the material to be processed is placed below the chisel. Removing the (product) from the output slot of the grid uses the tool(s). When complete, remove the tool from the grid, or close the interface by pressing 'E' to replace the tool into an available space in the inventory or hotbar. (If a slot is not available, pressing 'E' will discard the item(s) on the ground.)

  • The hammer is used to
    • Crush stones and mineral ores to powders.
    • Crush chunks of rock containing ore to obtain metal nuggets
  • The hammer + chisel is used to craft
    • polished rock, polished slabs and stone bricks. See the stone block page for more information.
  • The hammer + chisel + saw is used to craft
    • Gears, axles and rotors in the crafting grid. See the mechanical power page for more information.


Tools are items commonly used by players and are generally equipped in the hotbar. Up to four tools can be placed on the tool rack, a specialized wall-mounted storage container. Hammers do not stack in inventory or when placed in containers.