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Different materials have different burn times and temperatures. Different processes also require different temperatures and duration. Cooking requires a temperature of 200°C, while firing a clay mold requires a temperature of 700°C. Melting ores, metals, or glass requires much higher temperatures.


All logs and planks burn at 800°C, which is a temperature high enough for cooking and firing pottery items made of blue clay. Wood does not burn hot enough to use in metal working.

Wood Type Duration (s)
Acacia Log 89
Birch Log 78
Kapok Log 47
Maple Log 79
Oak Log 98
Pine Log 60
Aged Log 40
Wood Plank Blocks 20
Bamboo planks 24
Wood Slab/Stairs Blocks 10
Wood Boards 6

High Temperature Fuels

These fuels generate temperatures high enough to be used to fire pottery items made by clay forming, smelting ores for casting, and in smithing. Be sure to check the temperature required for your process and choose your fuel accordingly.

Name Temperature (°C) Seconds
Firewood 700 24
Peat 900 25
Lignite 1100 77
Bituminous coal 1200 84
Charcoal 1300 40
Coke 1350 40

Calculating Fuel Cost

Warm up times are difficult to calculate but once warmed up the amount of fuel needed to complete a process is roughly: 30 * [Number of ore] / [duration of fuel]. The fuel needs to have a max temperature equal or greater to the ore of course.

For a stack of charcoal, you can roughly melt about 83 ore.

Alternative Fuels

Most items made of wood and cattails (baskets, chests, other furniture) will also burn in a firepit. In an emergency, you might not have the fuel you need. Before you burn your household goods, you might also use these flammable items.

Name Temperature (°C) Seconds
Dry grass, Cattail tops 600 4
Bamboo stakes 700 10
Torches 600 6
Flowers, saplings, and other plants 600 10
Rot 400 12
Fat 400 96
Sticks 300 8

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