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Gold ingot
Stackable 16
Smelt Point 1063°C
Requires Container Yes
Output Ingot mold
Output Amount 1

Gold is a metal. Its main use is as a component of black bronze . Gold can be used to create Tier 2 tools and equipment, but such tools have half the durability of their copper counterparts.


Gold can be found as native gold ore veins or, very rarely, through panning .


Gold is always found as native gold ore. Native gold ore can only be found in veins of quartz . It requires a level 3 pickaxe (bronze) to be mined.


Gold, once smelted, can be cast into molds or ingots. Gold tools are considered tier 2, on par with copper, but have significantly less durability. This, plus the rarity of gold compared to copper, means golden equipment is largely ornamental.

Gold plates can also be used to make lined lanterns . Unlined lanterns created from gold also gain a +1 luminosity bonus.


Two alloys use gold in the game :

  • Black bronze , created by alloying 68-84% copper , 8-16% silver and 8-16% gold. Black bronze is a tier 3 metal, and the most effective type of bronze in the game.
  • Electrum , created by alloying 40-60% gold and 40-60% silver . An electrum ingot is used to craft the rift ward .

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