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Type Tools
Durability Copper: 300
Tin Bronze: 450
Bismuth Bronze: 500
Black Bronze: 550
Gold: 150
Silver: 175
Iron: 1000
Meteoric Iron: 1300
Steel: 2500
Stackable 1

Pickaxes are used for mining, which is the process of harvesting rock and ores.


The raw material used to create the tool head determines the crafting process required.




Tool List

Material Durability Tool Tier Speed (Ceramic) Speed (Stone, Ore & Metal) Speed (Ice) Attack Power (HP) Attack Tier
Copper 300 2 1.5x 4.0x 1.8x 1.3 2
Gold 150 2 1.8x 5.0x 2.0x 1.8 2
Silver 175 2 1.8x 5.0x 2.0x 1.8 2
Tin Bronze 450 3 2.3x 6.0x 2.3x 1.8 3
Bismuth Bronze 500 3 2.0x 5.5x 2.2x 1.5 3
Black Bronze 550 3 2.5x 6.5x 2.8x 2.0 3
Iron 1000 4 2.8x 7.5x 3.5x 2.3 4
Meteoric Iron 1300 4 3.0x 8.0x 3.8x 2.5 4
Steel 2500 5 3.3x 9.0x 4.3x 2.5 5


The pickaxe is the primary tool used in mining ores and rocks. Some Ore Deposits required stronger Pickaxe to mine them though.


Pickaxes are used to harvest rocks, which include ores and minerals. When blocks are broken, rocks, small stones or ores contained in chunks of stone will be dropped. Ores inside rocks have to be crushed with a hammer, place both in the Crafting Grid to obtain smeltable nuggets.


Pickaxes can be stored in containers and placed on tool racks.

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