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Shelves and Display Cases being used.

In order to store items, a player must use a container. Containers can be divided in two groups: Stationary and Portable.

Stationary Containers

Stationary containers can be transported when empty. They must be placed before items can be added and cannot be transported with items inside. Stationary containers such as baskets, chests, tool racks and shelves are crafted using the grid crafting mechanic. Pottery containers are crafted using the clay forming mechanic.

Regular Containers

Image Item Name Details
Grid Basket.png Reed basket A reed basket is made from 24 cattails and has 8 slots.
Grid Vines basket.png Vines basket A vines basket is made from 8 rope and has 8 slots.
Golden treasure chest.png Treasure Chest The treasure chest cannot be crafted, but can be found in ruins or brought from Traders. Has 4 slots.
Grid Aged reed basket.png Aged reed basket An aged reed basket cannot be crafted, and has 8 slots.
Grid Chest.png Chest A chest is made from 8 planks and has 16 slots.
Trunk-east.png Trunk A trunk is made from 2 chests and has 36 slots.
Grid Tool rack.png Tool rack A tool rack is made from 6 sticks and has spaces for 4 tools.
Grid Tool mold rack.png Tool mold rack A tool mold rack is made from sticks and boards and can hold up to 5 tool or weapon molds. Similar to the tool rack it needs to be placed against a wall.
Grid shelf.png Shelf A shelf is made from planks and sticks and holds 8 fired clay items including crucibles, food crocks, and bowls. A shelf can also hold other items like shoes, ingots, crystals, honey combs, rusty gears or fuel and ore bits - like charcoal or copper chunks. The shelf can also hold food items like bread and meat directly - although those will rot on a shelf just like normal, and leave behind oddly formed rot shapes.

Additionally, a shelf is the only place that can be used for cheese ripening.

Display case.png Display Case A display case is made from glass and boards and can hold up to 4 items, each in a separate slot. Similar to the shelf, the items will be displayed visibly. Excluding the clay items, display cases can hold the same types of items as a shelf.
Bookshelf-2row1col.png Bookshelf A bookshelf is made from and boards that is used to place and stored books. It's contents will be seen similar to the shelf, has 4 different types.
Grid Crate.png Crate A Crate allows to store a single type of item in great quantities. The amount that can be stored varies depending on the wood the crate is made from.

Meal Containers

Food storage containers are those that either hold meals, or provide a reduction in food decay. Crocks and clay pots hold meals, where as storage vessels simply provide bonuses to food items contained in them.

Image Item Name Details
Crock.png Crock Pottery vessel that holds 4 meal portions, but may also be used to store pickled veggies. The crock may be used to transport food items in a player's inventory, stored in stationary containers, placed on sold blocks and shelves. They provide a bonus to the shelf lives of foods in them, which can be further improved by sealing the crock with animal fat or bees wax.
Claypot-burned.png Clay pot Pottery vessel that holds up to 6 meal portions. Primarily used to cook meals but may still be used to store them. They do not provide the bonus that crocks do.
Storagevessel-burned.png Storage Vessel Pottery vessel with 12 slots for items. They provide spoil speed multipliers of 75% to veggies and 50% to grains. This bonus stacks with those provided by a cellar.
Decorated storage vessels may be purchased from traders or looted from ruins.

Portable containers

See also Bag

Portable containers, also known as bags, add additional player inventory slots. To expand player inventory, place containers in the four container slots located on the right side of the hotbar slots, and include basket shadows. The additional inventory slots provided by each container will appear to the left of the crafting grid in the order in which the containers are placed in the container slots. Different types of portable containers can be placed in different container slots.

They can be placed on the ground, with a spoilage rate equivalent to being in your inventory.

Unequipping Containers

When a container is removed from the extended inventory slots in the hotbar, the content inside will remain in the container. Only empty containers can be placed inside inventory slots. Be sure to move the content from the container before removing or sharing it.

Stacking Placeable Items

Some items such as metal ingots, planks, peat bricks, firewood can be stacked on solid blocks. This can be practical and decorative because stacked items are easier to compared to items in chests. Charcoal can also be stacked, but the blocks are gravity affected like sand. Also, molds, bowls, and pots may be placed on solid blocks.

Terrain Rawclay blue.pngClayGrid Cob.png CobGrid Gravel Granite.pngGravelPeat-none.pngPeatGrid Granite sand.pngSandGrid Barren low fertility soil.pngSoil (Packed dirt.pngPacked dirt)
Stone Grid Granite cobblestone.pngCobblestone (Cobbleskull-granite.pngCobble skull) • Ember.pngEmberRock-obsidian.png ObsidianMantle.pngMantleGrid Rock granite.pngRocks (Rock-claystone.pngSedimentaryRock-whitemarble.pngMetamorphicRock-andesite.pngIgneousCrackedrock-granite.pngCracked) • Stalagsection-granite-04.pngStalagmiteTermitemound-granite-medium.pngTermite mound
Ore Ore-alum-conglomerate.pngAlumOre-anthracite-conglomerate.png AnthraciteOre-bituminouscoal-conglomerate.pngBituminous coalOre-medium-bismuthinite-granite.png BismuthiniteOre-borax-conglomerate.pngBoraxOre-medium-cassiterite-granite.png CassiteriteOre-medium-chromite-granite.png ChromiteOre-cinnabar-granite.pngCinnabarOre-medium-nativecopper-granite.pngNative CopperOre-corundum-phyllite.pngCorundumOre-fluorite-conglomerate.pngFluoriteOre-medium-galena-claystone.png GalenaOre-graphite-phyllite.pngGraphiteOre-sylvite-halite.pngHaliteOre-medium-hematite-granite.png HematiteOre-medium-ilmenite-granite.png IlmeniteOre-kernite-conglomerate.pngKerniteOre-lapislazuli-limestone.pngLapis lazuliOre-lignite-conglomerate.png LigniteOre-medium-limonite-chert.png LimoniteOre-medium-magnetite-conglomerate.png MagnetiteOre-medium-malachite-limestone.png MalachiteMeteorite-iron.pngMeteorite ironOre-medium-pentlandite-granite.pngPentlanditeOre-phosphorite-conglomerate.pngPhosphoriteOre-quartz-granite.png QuartzOre-medium-rhodochrosite-conglomerate.pngRhodochrositeOre-medium-sphalerite-granite.png SphaleriteOre-sulfur-conglomerate.pngSulfurOre-medium-uranium-granite.pngUranium
Plants Bamboo-placed-green-segment1.png BambooBerrybush red currant ripe.pngBerry bushesSaguarocactus-topflowering.pngCactiFlax-Normal9.png CropsTallgrass-tall.pngGrassTallfern.pngFernFlower-californiapoppy.png FlowersHay-normal.pngHayGrid mushroom bolete.png MushroomsHanginglichen-lace-bottom.pngLace lichenLeaves-placed-oak.pngLeavesLog-oak.pngLogsGrid Cattail tops.pngReedSapling-oak.pngSaplingsSeaweed-top.pngSeaweedWaterlily.pngWaterlilyWildvine-section.pngWild vine
Liquids Glacierice.pngIceLava-still-7.pngLavaSnowblock.pngSnow blockWater-still-7.pngWater
Miscellaneous Quartz-ornate.pngAncient segmentBookshelves-ns.pngBookshelvesCarcass-medium.pngCarcassesEgg-chicken-3.pngChicken eggsCrystal-amethyst-large2.pngCrystalsGlowworms-base1-short.pngGlow wormsLocustnest-cage.pngLocust nestLooseboulders-granite.pngLoose bouldersLooseflints-granite-free.pngLoose flintLooseores-nativecopper-granite.pngLoose oresLoosestick-free.pngLoose sticksLootvessel.pngLoot vesselMetalpartpile-large.pngMetal part pileSeashell-volute-cinnamon.pngSeashellsGrid Granite stone.pngStonesWildbeehive-large.pngWild bee hive
Structural Grid Drystone granite.pngDrystoneGlass-plain.pngGlass (Glasspane-leaded-oak.pngGlass panes) • Hardenedclay-blue.pngHardened clayMetalblock-copper.pngMetal blocksMudbrick-light.pngMudbricksPlanks-oak.pngPlanksPlaster-diagonal.pngPlasterGrid Polished Granite.pngPolished rockRefractorybricks-good-tier1.pngRefractory bricksSlantedroofing-thatch.pngRoofingClayshingleblock-blue.pngShingle blocksPlankslab-oak.pngSlabsPlankstairs-oak.pngStairsGrid Granite Brick Block.pngStone bricksStatictranslocator-broken.pngTranslocator
Decorative Mediumcarpet-black-ns.pngCarpetsChair-plain.pngChairsChandelier-candle8.pngChandelierClaybrickchimney-fire.pngClay brick chimneysDisplaycase.pngDisplay caseDrystonefence-granite.pngDry stone fencesRoughhewnfence-oak.pngFencesFlowerpot-burnt.pngFlowerpotsLinen-normal-down.png LinenPainting-castleruin.pngPaintingsClayplanter-burnt.pngPlantersSign.pngSignSignpost.png SignpostStonecoffinlid-granite.pngStone coffinStonepath.png Stone pathWallpaper-lightgreen.pngWallpaperWoodenpath.png Wooden path
Lighting Torch-basic-lit.pngTorchTorchholder-brass.pngTorch holder
Storage Barrel.pngBarrelCrock-burned-east.pngCrockCurdbundle.pngCurd bundleJug-blue-fired.pngJugShelf.png ShelfStoragevessel-burned.pngStorage vesselMoldrack.pngTool mold rackToolrack.pngTool rack
Functional Anvil-copper.pngAnvilsArchimedesscrew-straight.pngArchimedes screwBed-wood-head-north.pngBedsBloomerybase.pngBloomery base (Bloomerychimney.pngBloomery chimney) • Verticalboiler.png BoilerBowl-burned.pngBowlClayoven.png Clay ovenCondenser.png CondenserChute-straight.pngChutesClaypot-burned.pngCooking potCrucible-burned.pngCrucibleDoor-plank.pngDoorsEchochamber.pngEcho chamberFarmland-dry-medium.pngFarmlandRoughhewnfencegate-oak.pngFence gatesFruitpress.pngFruitpressForge.pngForgeHenbox-empty.pngHenboxIngotmold-burned.pngIngot moldLadder-wood.pngLaddersLightningrod.pngLightning rodMannequin-torso.pngMannequinQuern-granite.pngQuernSkep-empty-east.png SkepTable-normal.pngTableToolmold-burned-pickaxe.pngTool moldsTrapdoor-closed.png TrapdoorTrough-genericwood-large.pngTrough
Mechanical Grid Angled Gears.png Angled gearGrid Brake.png BrakeGrid Clutch.png ClutchHelvehammerbase.pngHelve hammer baseLargegear.pngLarge wooden gearPulverizerframe.pngPulverizerGrid Transmission.png TransmissionWindmillrotor.png Windmill rotorWoodenaxle-ud.png Wooden axleWoodentoggle.png Wooden toggle
Creative only Commandblock.pngCommand blockCreativeblock-0.pngCreative blocksCreativeglow-32.pngCreative glowsCreativeglow-32.pngCreative lightsCreativerotor.pngCreative rotorPaperlantern-off.pngPaper lanternTeleporterbase.pngTeleporter base
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