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Molds are player created containers used with the casting mechanic to craft heads for tools and weapons, lamellae (for armor), metal ingots and anvils for smithing. Molds are multi-use containers that can be reused whenever a new copper or bronze alloy tool/weapon head is required.


Molds are made from clay via clay forming, and like all pottery items, must be fired/burned in a pit kiln.



Finished molds can be placed on a solid surface. Most molds require a full block space, but two ingot molds can be placed on one block.


See the casting page for more information about preparing metal for use in molds. Molten metal from a crucible can be poured into the mold until the mold is filled. Molten metal will not be added to a full mold. Most tool, weapon and ingot molds require 100 units of metal to fill, though the anvil requires 900 units. Once the metal cools, the cast item can be removed from the molds. If the mold is picked up before the metal is cool, the material will be lost.


Molds are reusable. After item completion, molds can be picked up with an empty hand. Molds can be carried in player inventory or stored in stationary containers or tool mold racks. Anvil and tool/weapon head molds do not stack, but since molds are not destroyed when the item is completed, it is not necessary to create a new mold to cast a new tool. Ingot molds stack to 8.

Clay Mold Creation Table

Please note that some tools and weapons (arrowheads, chisel, scythe, shears, spearhead and saw) cannot be crafted by casting. Creation of these items requires smithing.

Name Clay Required Multiple?
Toolmold-raw-anvil.png Anvil 28 1
Toolmold-raw-axe.png Axe head 11 1
Toolmold-raw-hammer.png Hammer head 12 1
Toolmold-raw-hoe.png Hoe head 12 1
Ingotmold-raw.png Ingot 2 1 or 2
Toolmold-raw-lamellae.png Lamellae TBD 1
Toolmold-raw-pickaxe.png Pickaxe head 12 1
Toolmold-raw-prospectingpick.png Prospector's Pick 13 1
Toolmold-raw-shovel.png Shovel head 11 1
Toolmold-raw-longblade.png Sword blade 12 1
Toolmold-raw-helvehammer.png Helve hammer TBD 1

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