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Durability Stone: 16-45
Scrap: 80
Copper: 140
Tin bronze: 250
Bismuth bronze: 210
Black bronze: 300
Ornate Gold: 320
Ornate Silver: 320
Hacking: 250
Power Stone: 1.8-2.3
Scrap: 2.8
Copper: 2.8
Tin bronze: 3.8
Bismuth bronze: 3.3
Black bronze: 4.0
Ornate Gold: 4.3
Ornate Silver: 4.3
Hacking: 4.0 hp
Range 3.5 (meters) m
Tier 0

Spears are weapons used in combat, available from early game stages.


The raw material used to create the tool head determines the crafting process required:

  • Knapping: Any tool-making stone.
  • Smithing (1 ingot): crafted from the metals shown in the table (below)
  • Scrap Weapon Kit: scrap spear randomly acquired on usage
  • Class specific crafting: Clockmaker (unless class recipes turned off)
  • Assembly: stone, metal & hacking spears
Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Spear Head of any type + Stick

Copper Spear Head


Copper Spear

Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Clockmaker only
Spear of any bronze type + Temporal gear + Metal Parts

temporal gear

Metal parts

Metal parts

Copper Spear

Copper Spear

Special: Spears cannot be crafted from iron, meteoric iron or steel.

Table: Tool Tiers

Material Durability Material Tier Attack Power, Melee (HP) Attack Power, Ranged (HP) Attack Tier
Other Stone 16 1 1.8 4.0 0
Flint 32 1 2.0 5.0 0
Obsidian 45 1 2.3 5.25 0
Scrap 80 1 2.8 5.75 0
Copper 140 2 2.8 5.75 0
Tin Bronze 250 3 3.8 7.5 0
Bismuth Bronze 210 3 3.3 6.5 0
Black Bronze 300 3 4.0 8.0 0
Gold 320 2 3.0 6.0 0
Silver 320 2 3.0 6.0 0
Hacking 250 3 4.0 7.0 0


The spear is a weapon available to players from early stages of the game. The spear has an attack range of 3.5 m and can be used in both melee combat and as a ranged weapon.


  • Attacking a mob (melee combat): place the spear in an active hotbar slot and press or hold left mouse button to strike the target.
  • Attacking a mob (ranged combat): place the spear in an active hotbar slot and press or hold right mouse button to cast the weapon at the target.


Tools are items commonly used by players and are generally equipped in the hotbar. Up to four tools can be placed on the tool rack, a specialized wall-mounted storage container. Spears do not stack in inventory or when placed in containers.


There are no Spears made from Iron or higher tier metals.

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