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This page is an overview summarizing how to craft all types of tools and weapons. (The term "Tools" is used throughout this article to denote "Tools and Weapons" since a weapon is a specialized type of tool.) Making tools is a multi-step process that involves different kinds of crafting, including knapping, casting, and smithing to create tool heads. Most heads are then hafted by adding a stick as a handle in the crafting grid.

Tools don't come easy in Vintage Story and they shouldn't! In real life, these things aren't easy to make, so it's challenging yet rewarding to obtain these when playing.


The raw material used to create the tool head determines the crafting process required:

Tier Material Description
Tier 0 Grid Oak log.png Wood Some weapons can be made from wood or metal scraps in an emergency or as first combat solutions in the early game. To get a scrap weapon, the player needs to craft a scrap weapon kit, which can be right clicked to receive a random scrap weapon.
Metal-scraps.png Metal scraps
Tier 1 Flint.png Stones Stone tools are made by knapping. Stone tools made of flint or other stones offer the player a limited selection of tools, but are the only early game option.
Tier 2 Ingot-copper.png Copper Copper tools can be made by casting or smithing, although all metal tools can be made from copper, not all tools can be made using the casting mechanic. These tools can also be crafted from the rare base metals gold and silver
Ingot-gold.png Gold
Ingot-silver.png Silver
Tier 3 Ingot-tin.png Tin Bronze Bronze alloy tools can be made by casting or smithing, although all metal tools can be made from bronze alloys, not all tools can be made using the casting mechanic.
Ingot-bismuth.png Bismuth bronze
Ingot-blackbronze.png Black bronze
Tier 4 Ingot-iron.png Iron Iron tools can only be made by smithing. All available metal tools can be smithed from iron except the spear.

Tool Tiers

The material selected to create the tool determines the tier of the tool. In general, higher tier tools have more durability (last longer); provide more attack power (damage per action); and have higher mining speeds (faster to use). Higher tier tools require advanced material processing and crafting processes to create. The specific page for each tool includes the stats (values) for each tool crafted using different materials.

  • Special Cases: The bow and the club are tools crafted from wood. There are two different tiers of bows, of which one can only be crafted by the hunter. Arrowheads can be crafted from different tiers of materials, and are discussed on the bow page in more detail. Similarly, the club comes in two different variants, one made from wood, and a scrap variant.

Creation Table

Tool Axe Arrow Chisel Cleaver Club Hammer Hoe Knife Mace Pickaxe Propick Saw Scythe Shears Shovel Spear Sword
Scrap Metal Kit Y N N N Y N N N Y N N N N N N Y Y
Knapping Y Y (Flint) N N N N Y Y N N N N N N Y Y N
Casting Y N N N N Y Y N N Y Y N N N Y N Y
Smithing Y Y Y Y N Y Y Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

Note: All stone tools except arrowheads can be crafted from Andesite, Basalt, Flint, Granite, Peridotite, and Obsidian. Arrowheads may only be created from flint.


All tools may be used as weapons, some tools are primarily used as "weapons" that damage mobs. For other information about weapons, see the combat page or pages about individual weapons. Of the remaining tools, these fall into two categories: Harvesting and Crafting. "Harvesting" tools are primarily used to gather resources, while "Crafting" tools are used to process resources or create items using the crafting grid, or through interactive crafting mechanics.

Using Tools: General Functions

Special functions, crafting mechanics and tool modes associated with each tool can be found on individual tool pages.

  • Attacking a mob (melee combat): place the tool in an active hotbar slot and press or hold left mouse button to strike the target.
  • Attacking a mob (Spear: ranged combat): place the spear in an active hotbar slot and press right mouse button to cast the weapon at the target.
  • Attacking a mob (Bow: ranged combat): place the bow in an active hotbar slot and hold right mouse button to charge the bow. Releasing the mouse button fires the arrow.
  • Harvesting a material: place the tool in an active hotbar slot and press or hold left mouse button until the block breaks and the block or resource drops.
  • Grid crafting: place the tool in the grid crafting slot with the material to process. Removing the product from the output slot of the grid uses the tool. When complete, remove the tool from the grid, or close the interface by pressing 'E' to replace the tool into the inventory or hotbar.

Tool Selection

The primary use of each tool is provided in the list below:

  • Axe: (Harvesting) Damages Wood, Leaf and plant blocks including trees, logs, planks, fences, gates and wooden building components. Used to create firewood in the crafting grid
  • Bow/Arrow: (Weapon) Damages Mobs; used as a ranged weapon
  • Chisel: (Crafting) Used with the hammer to polish rock, create stone bricks or carving wooden gears and axles in the crafting grid
  • Cleaver: (Special) Kills Third Generation Mobs; used to kill pigs, sheep and chickens bred using animal husbandry.
  • Club: (Weapon) Damages Mobs; used as a melee combat weapon
  • Hammer: (Crafting) Used in smithing, and to crush stones/ores in the crafting grid.
  • Helve hammer: (Crafting) Used in smithing, via mechanization using a windmill.
  • Hoe: (Crafting) Used in farming to convert soil into farmland.
  • Knife: (Harvesting) Damages Plant blocks; used to harvest meat from animals, grass, wild plants including Cooper's Reed and crops for farming. Used in leather working, crafting wood items.
  • Pickaxe: (Harvesting) Damages Rock, Stone and Ceramic blocks; used to harvest Rock and ores.
  • Prospecting pick: (Special) Damages Rock blocks, but does not drop items from mined blocks; used to detect the presence of ores when mining
  • Saw: (Crafting) Used in grid crafting to create boards (the primary component required to create wooden items and blocks), cutting glass into slabs, and carving wooden gears.
  • Scythe: (Harvesting) Damages Plant blocks; used in farming to harvest crops or collect grass
  • Shears: (Harvesting) Damages Leaf blocks including Branchy Leaf Blocks. Used to harvest saplings and sticks from trees.
  • Shovel: (Harvesting) Damages Terrain blocks including Soil, Clay, Peat, Sand, and Gravel. Used to harvest terrain blocks or terraform the landscape.
  • Spear: (Weapon) Damages Mobs; used as a melee combat or ranged weapon
  • Sword: (Weapon) Damages Mobs; used as a melee combat weapon


Tools are items commonly use by players and are generally equipped in the hotbar. Tool items do not stack in inventory or when placed in containers. The tool rack is a specialized wall mounted storage container that allows players to store up to four tools. Tools are placed and removed using the right mouse button.

Resources Beeswax.pngBeeswaxBlastingpowder.png Blasting powderBone.pngBoneBonemeal.pngBonemealCandle.png CandleCattailtops.png CattailsCharcoal.pngCharcoalClay-blue.pngClayRawbrick-fire.pngClay bricksClearquartz.pngClear quartzCloth-plain.png ClothCoke.pngCokeCompost.pngCompostCrushed-quartz.pngCrushed resourcesDrygrass.pngDry grassEgg-chicken.pngEggFat.pngFatFeather.pngFeatherFirewood.pngFirewoodFlaxfibers.png Flax fibersFlaxtwine.png Flax twineFlint.pngFlintGem-emerald-rough.pngGemsHerbbundle-basil.pngHerb bundlesHide-raw-large.pngHidesHoneycomb.pngHoneycombLargegearsection.pngLarge gear sectionLeather-plain.pngLeatherLime.pngLimeMortar.pngMortarPaper-parchment.pngParchmentPapyrustops.png PapyrusPlank-oak.pngPlanksPotash.pngPotashQuicklime.png QuicklimeRefractorybrick-fired-tier1.pngRefractory brickResin.pngResinSail.pngSailSewingkit.pngSewing kitShingle-burned-blue.pngShinglesStick.pngStickStone-granite.pngStonesStonebrick-granite.pngStone bricksInsect-termite.pngTermites
Metal Metalbit-iron.pngBitsMetalchain-iron.pngChainsIngot-iron.pngIngotsMetallamellae-iron.pngLamellaeMetalbit-iron.pngNuggetOre-bountiful-nativecopper-basalt.pngOrePadlock-iron.pngPadlocksMetalplate-iron.pngPlatesPoundercap-iron.pngPounder capsMetalscale-iron.pngScalesScrapweaponkit.pngScrap weapon kitSolderbar.pngSolder barPickaxehead-iron.pngTool heads
Seeds Cattailroot.pngCattail rootSeeds-flax.pngCrop seedsPapyrusroot.pngPapyrus rootTreeseed-oak.pngTree seeds
Tools Axe-copper.pngAxeChisel-copper.pngChiselCleaver-copper.pngCleaverFirestarter.pngFirestarterHammer-copper.pngHammerHelvehammer-bismuthbronze.pngHelve hammerHoe-copper.pngHoeKnife-copper.pngKnifePickaxe-copper.pngPickaxePlumbandsquare.png Plumb and SquareProspectingpick-copper.pngProspecting pickSaw-iron.pngSawScythe-copper.pngScytheShears-copper.pngShearsShovel-copper.pngShovelSolderingiron.pngSoldering ironWrench-copper.pngWrench
Weapons Arrow-flint.pngArrowsBeenade-opened.png BeenadeBow-simple.pngBowBlade-falx-copper.pngFalxSword-copper.pngSwordSpear-copper.pngSpearSling.pngSlingSpear-hacking.pngTuning spear
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