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To defend oneself in Vintage Story one must master the art of combat, as there are many hostile creatures[[::Category:Hostile creatures| ]].

  • Melee Combat - First punch, then ask. Every adversary can be attacked with a left mouse click, but beware, your normal attack range is pretty short unless you have something in your hands that extends your reach
  • Ranged Combat - Stones, Arrows and Spears can be used to inflict damage at great range. When you hold down your right mouse button a shrinking rectangle will appear on your screen. When that rectangle is the smallest, your accuracy will be the greatest, so timing is important!
  • Health and Defense - Having good health and defense can turn a death to success. Combat will often leave you hurt so the usage of poultices and armor is recommended. You can also equip a shield in the off hand. Keep one stack of poultices on your hotbar and your armor well repaired before a fight.

Stone age weapons

Granite stone.png Any Stone you mine or pick up can be thrown from a safe distance at living things to perform minor damage (1 damage)
Stick.png If everything fails, a plain old stick still has a better range than just fist punching your way out (1 damage)
Woodenclub-normal.png Carved from a log with the help of a knife the club is sturdy and reliable, but does not inflict a lot of damage (1.5 damage)
Spear-flint.png The spear is very fragile, but it's long range is a tremendous advantage. As with all stone tools, it can be made from granite, andesite, basalt, obsidian and flint. A flint spear does 2 damage during a melee attack and 5 damage when thrown.
Bow-recurve.png Bows with flint arrows - a reliable and powerful long range weapon, but requires you to farm or find enough flax to craft the bowstring. (0.5 damage)

Metal age weapons

Blade-falx-copper.png Your good old trusty sword . Nothing beats it's reliability and damage output. Higher metal tiers have higher durability and greater damage (3.8 - 5.3 damage)
Bow-recurve.png Bows with metal arrow heads improves damage output (Dependant on Tier)
Spear-copper.png If you need great melee range without the loss of durability, upgrade your spears to copper or bronze!

Combat Tips and Tricks

Sprint Kiting
The art of sprint kiting describes holding the sprint button and "Jousting" at the enemy, hitting them once and retreating back a couple blocks. This is repeated until the enemy has perished. This works exceptionally well against drifters .
Locust Bane
The "Locust Bane" describes the method of constructing a 2 block tall tower and pouring water on the sides of it. This prevents locusts from crawling up the pillar. Now the player can throw spears or rocks at them. Alternatively arrows can be shot from a Bow as well.

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