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Durability Blackguard: 1100
Scrap: 90
Copper: 250
Tin bronze: 450
Bismuth bronze: 530
Black bronze: 600
Gold: 175
Silver: 175
Iron: 850
Meteoric Iron: 1100
Steel: 2125
Power Blackguard: 5.3
Scrap: 3.0
Copper: 3.8
Tin bronze: 4.3
Bismuth bronze: 4.3
Black bronze: 4.8
Gold: 4.0
Silver: 4.0
Iron: 5.0
Meteoric Iron: 5.3
Steel: 5.3 hp
Range 2.5 (meters) m
Tier 2-5

The creatures hide metal in their flesh and their blood flows like sludge. A simple sword will not do here. -Item description

Falxes are weapons used in combat, and become available in mid game stages. In version 1.17, the falx replaced the old sword weapon. However, some rare weapons retain the "sword" name, most notably the Blackguard sword and Forlorn Hope.


The copper and tin bronze variants has a chance to be found in a cracked vessel (tool).


  • Casting (100 units): Copper and Bronze alloy
  • Smithing (1 ingot): Iron, Bronze alloy, Copper, (Gold and Silver)
  • Scrap Weapon Kit: scrap sword randomly acquired on usage
  • Class specific crafting: Blackguard (unless class recipes turned off)

Table: Tool Tiers

Material Durability Material Tier Mining Speed (wood) Mining Speed (leaves) Attack Power (HP) Attack Tier
Blackguard 1100 4 3.0x 3.0x 5.3 4
Scrap 90 2 2.0x 1.4x 3.0 2
Copper 250 2 2.2x 1.6x 3.8 2
Tin Bronze 450 3 2.4x 2.2x 4.3 3
Bismuth Bronze 530 3 2.3x 2.0x 4.3 3
Black Bronze 600 3 2.5x 2.3x 4.8 3
Gold 175 2 2.4x 2.2x 4.0 2
Silver 175 2 2.4x 2.2x 4.0 2
Iron 850 4 3.0x 3.0x 5.0 4
Meteoric Iron 1100 4 3.3x 3.5x 5.3 4
Steel 1400 5 3.5x 4x 5.3 5
Forlorn Hope 650 4 3.0x 3.0x 5.3 4


The falx is a weapon available to players from casting stages of the game. The sword has an attack range of 2.5 m and can be used in melee combat.


The falx is not (generally) used to harvest materials, but can be used to harvest wood and leaf blocks.


Attacking a mob (melee combat): place the falx in an active hotbar slot and press or hold left mouse button to strike the target.


Falxes can be either placed in the ground against the wall or can put in the tool rack, a specialized wall-mounted storage container. Falxes do not stack in inventory or when placed in containers.


Prior to version 1.17, this weapon was called the "sword" and had a straight blade.

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