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To get a list of all the startup parameters (command line arguments) currently implemented, go to your game directory and call VintageStory.exe --help. Parameters with multiple values can be supplied with the values separated by space, for example: VintageStory.exe --addModPath="path/to/dir1" "path/to/dir2"

Currently implemented startup parameters are:

-v, --version Print game version and exit

-h, --help Print help info and exit

--tracelog Print log also via Trace.WriteLine() to get it to show up in the visual studio output window

-o, --openWorld Opens given world. If it doesn't exist it will be created

-c, --connect Connect to given server

-i, --installmod Install given mod in the format: modid@version

--pw Password for the server (if any)

--rndWorld Creates a new world with a random name. Use -p modifier to set playstyle

-p, --playStyle (Default: creativebuilding) Used when creating a new world. Possible values are "creativebuilding", "preset-surviveandbuild", "preset-exploration", "preset-homosapiens" and "preset-wildernesssurvival"

--dataPath Set a custom data path, default is Environment.SpecialFolder.ApplicationData

--logPath Default logs folder is in dataPath/Logs/. This option can only set an absolute path.

--addOrigin Tells the asset manager to also load assets from this path

--addModPath Tells the mod loader to also load mods from this path

--version Displays version information

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