Crafting Recipes

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Many crafting recipes use the crafting grid, similarly to Minecraft, except the 3x3 grid is always in the inventory and not a separate block. The other recipes that are not done through the grid are done with more immersive methods, smithing and clay forming are the best examples.


  • Stone tools are made through flint knapping.
  • Metal tools are made through tool casting or smithing.

See the Survival starter guide as well. Both methods will give you tool heads that you need to combine with a stick.


  • The flint spear is made through knapping.
  • The wooden club requires you to craft a knife first.
  • Metal weapons are made through tool casting or smithing.

Clay Item Molds

Are made via the clay forming interface. The cost of the items are as follows:

Amount of clay needed per mold
Mold or item # clay
Anvil 28
Planter 18
Prospecting Pick 13
Pick, Falx, Hammer, Hoe 12
Axe, Shovel 11
Flower pot 5
Cooking pot 4
Crucible 3
Ingot Mold 2
Bowl 1

Stationary Containers

  • Baskets have 8 slots.
  • Storage vessels have 12 slots and store some foods better.
  • Chests have 16.
  • Tool racks have space for 4 tools.

Labelled chests may be written on using pigments like coal , cinnabar or limestone.

Portable Containers

NOTE: When you throw out a container carried in one of the four container slots, it will take any items it had in it, with it. It can be best to empty your inventory before throwing containers out. The mining bag can only be used for carrying ores, minerals, and stones

See the Container 's page for more information.

Light Sources

Basic torches are crafted with a stick and dry grass. You can light them by placing them into a lit firepit, but they only last for a limited time when placed. Other light sources are permanent.

Utility Blocks & Items

Note that breaking the bloomery blocks returns 2/3 as many bricks as they cost to craft.

Stone & Clay

Solid rock blocks are mined by removing all adjacent blocks touching their 6 faces.


Wood can be sawed into stairs or slabs by placing the saw in the crafting grid in a different direction around a plank. (see handbook)


Beds allow you to skip forward a number of hours, depending on the bed, in single-player and multiplayer, when all players are sleeping.