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In general old Worlds tend to load up just fine with newer Versions of the game. But every once in a while an update will break some blocks which requires some manual interaction to fix. This page lists up these changes.

To apply the updates, open up a world, enter below commands which are relevant for you, then reload the world.

From 1.12.x to future versions

From version v1.12 and onwards the game ships with an integrated remapping assistant that will pop-up on demand whenever a singleplayer world is opened or a server admin joins his server, and thus manual copypasting of text should no longer be necessary.

It is recommended to jump version by version when updating game worlds created in v1.10 or earlier.

From 1.11.x to 1.12.x

/bir remap clayplanter-burnt-empty clayplanter-empty force

From 1.10.x to 1.11.x

/iir remap hide-raw-medium hide-raw force

From 1.9.x to 1.10.x

Closed barrels as distinct block no longer exist and need to be manually replaced.

.pastemode multi

/bir remap stackedbamboo-ud stackedbamboo force

/bir remap barrel barrel-opened-empty force
/bir remap flowerpot-raw-empty flowerpot-raw force

/bir remap flowerpot-burnt-catmint flowerpot-catmint force
/bir remap flowerpot-burnt-forgetmenot flowerpot-forgetmenot force
/bir remap flowerpot-burnt-edelweiss flowerpot-edelweiss force
/bir remap flowerpot-burnt-heather flowerpot-heather force
/bir remap flowerpot-burnt-orangemallow flowerpot-orangemallow force
/bir remap flowerpot-burnt-wilddaisy flowerpot-wilddaisy force
/bir remap flowerpot-burnt-westerngorse flowerpot-westerngorse force
/bir remap flowerpot-burnt-cowparsley flowerpot-cowparsley force
/bir remap flowerpot-burnt-californiapoppy flowerpot-californiapoppy force
/bir remap flowerpot-burnt-horsetail flowerpot-horsetail force
/bir remap flowerpot-burnt-lupine-blue flowerpot-lupine-blue force
/bir remap flowerpot-burnt-lupine-orange flowerpot-lupine-orange force
/bir remap flowerpot-burnt-lupine-purple flowerpot-lupine-purple force
/bir remap flowerpot-burnt-lupine-red flowerpot-lupine-red force
/bir remap flowerpot-burnt-lupine-white flowerpot-lupine-white force
/bir remap flowerpot-burnt-birch flowerpot-birch force
/bir remap flowerpot-burnt-oak flowerpot-oak force
/bir remap flowerpot-burnt-maple flowerpot-maple force
/bir remap flowerpot-burnt-pine flowerpot-pine force
/bir remap flowerpot-burnt-acacia flowerpot-acacia force
/bir remap flowerpot-burnt-kapok flowerpot-kapok force
/bir remap flowerpot-burnt-flyagaric-normal flowerpot-flyagaric-normal force
/bir remap flowerpot-burnt-bolete-normal flowerpot-bolete-normal force
/bir remap flowerpot-burnt-fieldmushroom-normal flowerpot-fieldmushroom-normal force

From 1.8.x to 1.9

The code identifiers for water and all ores have changed. Some no longer exist, so you will have unidentified blocks in the world. Please copy below commands and paste in one go into your chatbox and reload the world to restore most blocks.

.pastemode multi
/bir remap water-still-7 water-7 force
/bir remap water-still-6 water-6 force
/bir remap water-still-5 water-5 force
/bir remap water-still-4 water-4 force
/bir remap water-still-3 water-3 force
/bir remap water-still-2 water-2 force
/bir remap water-still-1 water-1 force

/bir remap looseores-nativecopper-granite looseores-granite-nativecopper force
/bir remap looseores-nativecopper-andesite looseores-andesite-nativecopper force
/bir remap looseores-nativecopper-chalk looseores-chalk-nativecopper force
/bir remap looseores-nativecopper-claystone looseores-claystone-nativecopper force

/bir remap looseores-quartz-granite looseores-granite-quartz force
/bir remap looseores-quartz-andesite looseores-andesite-quartz force
/bir remap looseores-quartz-chalk looseores-chalk-quartz force
/bir remap looseores-quartz-claystone looseores-claystone-quartz force

/bir remap ore-medium-galena-granite ore-galena-granite force
/bir remap ore-medium-galena-andesite ore-galena-andesite force
/bir remap ore-medium-galena-chalk ore-galena-chalk force
/bir remap ore-medium-galena-claystone ore-galena-claystone force

/bir remap ore-medium-nativecopper-granite ore-nativecopper-granite force
/bir remap ore-medium-nativecopper-andesite ore-nativecopper-andesite force
/bir remap ore-medium-nativecopper-chalk ore-nativecopper-chalk force
/bir remap ore-medium-nativecopper-claystone ore-nativecopper-claystone force

/bir remap ore-medium-limonite-granite ore-limonite-granite force
/bir remap ore-medium-limonite-andesite ore-limonite-andesite force
/bir remap ore-medium-limonite-chalk ore-limonite-chalk force
/bir remap ore-medium-limonite-claystone ore-limonite-claystone force

/bir remap ore-medium-cassiterite-granite ore-cassiterite-granite force
/bir remap ore-medium-cassiterite-andesite ore-cassiterite-andesite force
/bir remap ore-medium-cassiterite-chalk ore-cassiterite-chalk force
/bir remap ore-medium-cassiterite-claystone ore-cassiterite-claystone force

/bir remap ore-medium-sphalerite-granite ore-sphalerite-granite force
/bir remap ore-medium-sphalerite-andesite ore-sphalerite-andesite force
/bir remap ore-medium-sphalerite-chalk ore-sphalerite-chalk force
/bir remap ore-medium-sphalerite-claystone ore-sphalerite-claystone force

/bir remap ore-medium-bismuthinite-granite ore-bismuthinite-granite force
/bir remap ore-medium-bismuthinite-andesite ore-bismuthinite-andesite force
/bir remap ore-medium-bismuthinite-chalk ore-bismuthinite-chalk force
/bir remap ore-medium-bismuthinite-claystone ore-bismuthinite-claystone force

From 1.7.x to 1.8

The code identifiers for bamboo has changed. Please copy below command and paste into your chatbox and reload the world.

/bir remap stackedbamboo planks-bamboo force

From 1.6.x to 1.7

The code identifiers for meat and buckets have changed. Please copy below list of commands and paste it all in one go into your chatbox and reload the world.

.pastemode multi
/iir remap redmeat-raw meat-raw force
/iir remap redmeat-cooked meat-cooked force
/bir remap woodbucket woodbucket-empty force

/bir remap glass-green coloredglass-green force
/bir remap glass-blue coloredglass-blue force
/bir remap glass-violet coloredglass-violet force
/bir remap glass-red coloredglass-red force
/bir remap glass-yellow coloredglass-yellow force
/bir remap glass-brown coloredglass-brown force
/bir remap glass-vintage coloredglass-vintage force
/bir remap glass-plain glass force
/bir remap glass-quartz quartzglass force

From 1.6-pre.4 to 1.6.x

The code identifiers for leaves and bamboo have changed. Please copy below list of commands and paste it all in one go into your chatbox and reload the world.

.pastemode multi
/bir remap leaves-grown-birch leaves-birch force
/bir remap leaves-grown-oak leaves-oak force
/bir remap leaves-grown-maple leaves-maple force
/bir remap leaves-grown-pine leaves-pine force
/bir remap leaves-grown-acacia leaves-acacia force
/bir remap leaves-grown-kapok leaves-kapok force
/bir remap leavesbranchy-grown-birch leavesbranchy-birch force
/bir remap leavesbranchy-grown-oak leavesbranchy-oak force
/bir remap leavesbranchy-grown-maple leavesbranchy-maple force
/bir remap leavesbranchy-grown-pine leavesbranchy-pine force
/bir remap leavesbranchy-grown-acacia leavesbranchy-acacia force
/bir remap leavesbranchy-grown-kapok leavesbranchy-kapok force
/bir remap bamboo-grown-brown-segment1 bamboo-brown-segment1 force
/bir remap bamboo-grown-brown-segment2 bamboo-brown-segment2 force
/bir remap bamboo-grown-brown-segment3 bamboo-brown-segment3 force
/bir remap bamboo-grown-green-segment1 bamboo-green-segment1 force
/bir remap bamboo-grown-green-segment2 bamboo-green-segment2 force
/bir remap bamboo-grown-green-segment3 bamboo-green-segment3 force
/bir remap bambooleaves-grown bambooleaves force

From 1.5.x to 1.6-pre.4

The code identifiers for all clothes have changed. Please copy below list of commands and paste it all in one go into your chatbox and reload the world.

.pastemode multi
/iir remap clothes-arm-prisoner-binds clothes-hand-prisonerbinds force
/iir remap clothes-arm-squire-bracers clothes-hand-squirebracers force
/iir remap clothes-emblem-messenger-pin clothes-emblem-messenger force
/iir remap clothes-emblem-royal-pin clothes-emblem-royal force
/iir remap clothes-emblem-silver-pin clothes-emblem-silverpin force
/iir remap clothes-emblem-silver-star clothes-emblem-silverstar force
/iir remap clothes-foot-aristocrat-shoes clothes-foot-aristocrat force
/iir remap clothes-foot-jailor-boots clothes-foot-jailor force
/iir remap clothes-foot-knee-high-fur-boots clothes-foot-furboots force
/iir remap clothes-foot-lackey-shoes clothes-foot-lackey force
/iir remap clothes-foot-messenger-shoes clothes-foot-messenger force
/iir remap clothes-foot-merchant-shoes clothes-foot-peasent force
/iir remap clothes-foot-peasent-slippers clothes-foot-boots3 force
/iir remap clothes-foot-prince-boots clothes-foot-prince force
/iir remap clothes-foot-wool-lined-knee-high-boots clothes-foot-shepherd force
/iir remap clothes-foot-shepherd-sandals clothes-foot-boots2 force
/iir remap clothes-foot-temptress-velvet-shoes clothes-foot-boots1 force
/iir remap clothes-foot-tigh-high-boots clothes-foot-thighhighboots force
/iir remap clothes-foot-worn-leather-boots clothes-foot-boots4 force
/iir remap clothes-hand-laced-handsome-gloves clothes-hand-furgloves force
/iir remap clothes-hand-fur-gloves clothes-hand-gloves3 force
/iir remap clothes-hand-heavy-leather-gloves clothes-hand-gloves4 force
/iir remap clothes-hand-laced-handsome-gloves clothes-hand-gloves2 force
/iir remap clothes-hand-lackey-gloves clothes-hand-lackeygloves force
/iir remap clothes-hand-minstrel-gloves clothes-hand-minstrelgloves force
/iir remap clothes-hand-noble-riding-gloves clothes-hand-gloves1 force
/iir remap clothes-hand-prince-gloves clothes-hand-princegloves force
/iir remap clothes-head-embriodered-coif clothes-head-embroideredcoif force
/iir remap clothes-head-fancy-head-dress clothes-head-headdress01 force
/iir remap clothes-head-fortune-tellers-scarf clothes-head-fortunetellerheadscarf force
/iir remap clothes-head-gold-coronet clothes-head-goldcoronet force
/iir remap clothes-head-jailors-hat clothes-head-jailor force
/iir remap clothes-head-lackey-hat clothes-head-lackey force
/iir remap clothes-head-messengers-hat clothes-head-messenger force
/iir remap clothes-head-peasent-head-scarf clothes-head-peasentheadscarf force
/iir remap clothes-head-roll-hat clothes-head-rollhat force
/iir remap clothes-head-shepherds-cowl clothes-head-shepherd force
/iir remap clothes-head-silver-diadem clothes-head-silverdiadem force
/iir remap clothes-head-snow-goggles clothes-head-snowgoggles force
/iir remap clothes-lowerbody-aristocrat-leggings clothes-lowerbody-aristocrat force
/iir remap clothes-lowerbody-dirty-linen-trousers clothes-lowerbody-pants2 force
/iir remap clothes-lowerbody-fine-trousers clothes-lowerbody-pants1 force
/iir remap clothes-lowerbody-jailor-pants clothes-lowerbody-jailor force
/iir remap clothes-lowerbody-lackey-breeches clothes-lowerbody-lackey force
/iir remap clothes-lowerbody-messenger-trousers clothes-lowerbody-messenger force
/iir remap clothes-lowerbody-prince-breeches clothes-lowerbody-prince force
/iir remap clothes-lowerbody-raw-hide-trousers clothes-lowerbody-rawhide force
/iir remap clothes-lowerbody-shepherd-pants clothes-lowerbody-shepherd force
/iir remap clothes-lowerbody-tattered-peasent-gown clothes-lowerbody-peasent force
/iir remap clothes-lowerbody-tattered-peasent-gown clothes-lowerbody-pants4 force
/iir remap clothes-lowerbody-workmans-gown clothes-lowerbody-pants3 force
/iir remap clothes-neck-fancy-royal-collar clothes-head-fancyroyalcollar force
/iir remap clothes-shoulder-aristocrat-mantle clothes-shoulder-aristocrat force
/iir remap clothes-shoulder-artisans-scarf clothes-shoulder-poncho2 force
/iir remap clothes-shoulder-blacksmith-apron clothes-shoulder-blacksmithapron force
/iir remap clothes-shoulder-embroidered-collar clothes-shoulder-embroideredcollar force
/iir remap clothes-shoulder-linen-poncho clothes-shoulder-poncho1 force
/iir remap clothes-shoulder-peasent-kaftan clothes-shoulder-peasent force
/iir remap clothes-shoulder-royal-fur clothes-shoulder-royalfur force
/iir remap clothes-shoulder-woolen-scarf clothes-shoulder-scarf force
/iir remap clothes-upperbody-aristocrat-shirt clothes-upperbody-aristocrat force
/iir remap clothes-upperbody-jailor-tunic clothes-upperbody-jailor force
/iir remap clothes-upperbody-lackey-shirt clothes-upperbody-lackey force
/iir remap clothes-upperbody-linen-tunic clothes-upperbody-shirt4 force
/iir remap clothes-upperbody-messenger-shirt clothes-upperbody-messenger force
/iir remap clothes-upperbody-peasent-shirt clothes-upperbody-peasent force
/iir remap clothes-upperbody-prince-tunic clothes-upperbody-prince force
/iir remap clothes-upperbody-shepherd-tunic clothes-upperbody-shepherd force
/iir remap clothes-upperbody-tattered-crimson-tunic clothes-upperbody-shirt3 force
/iir remap clothes-upperbody-tattered-linen-shirt clothes-upperbody-shirt2 force
/iir remap clothes-upperbody-temptress-velvet-shirt clothes-upperbody-shirt1 force
/iir remap clothes-upperbodyover-fur-coat clothes-upperbody-furcoat force
/iir remap clothes-upperbodyover-raw-hide-mantle clothes-upperbody-rawhide force
/iir remap clothes-waist-aristocrat-belt clothes-waist-aristocrat force
/iir remap clothes-waist-fancy-royal-belt clothes-waist-fancyroyalbelt force
/iir remap clothes-waist-jailor-belt clothes-waist-jailor force
/iir remap clothes-waist-messenger-belt clothes-waist-messenger force
/iir remap clothes-waist-peasent-strap clothes-waist-peasent force
/iir remap clothes-waist-prince-waistband clothes-waist-prince force
/iir remap clothes-waist-sturdy-belt clothes-waist-shepherd force
/iir remap clothes-foot-high-leather-boots clothes-foot-leather force

From 1.5.2.x to 1.5.3

The code identifiers for wooden fences and fencegates have changed. Please copy below list of commands and paste it all in one go into your chatbox and reload the world.

Unfortunately, wooden fences directly adjacent to fence gates will have to replaced manually, as they longer exist in 1.5.3 and up.

.pastemode multi
/bir remap woodenfence-birch-empty woodenfence-empty force
/bir remap woodenfence-birch-n woodenfence-n force
/bir remap woodenfence-birch-e woodenfence-e force
/bir remap woodenfence-birch-s woodenfence-s force
/bir remap woodenfence-birch-w woodenfence-w force
/bir remap woodenfence-birch-ne woodenfence-ne force
/bir remap woodenfence-birch-ns woodenfence-ns force
/bir remap woodenfence-birch-nw woodenfence-nw force
/bir remap woodenfence-birch-es woodenfence-es force
/bir remap woodenfence-birch-ew woodenfence-ew force
/bir remap woodenfence-birch-sw woodenfence-sw force
/bir remap woodenfence-birch-nes woodenfence-nes force
/bir remap woodenfence-birch-new woodenfence-new force
/bir remap woodenfence-birch-nsw woodenfence-nsw force
/bir remap woodenfence-birch-esw woodenfence-esw force
/bir remap woodenfence-birch-nesw woodenfence-nesw force
/bir remap woodenfencegate-birch-n-opened-left fencegate-n-opened force
/bir remap woodenfencegate-birch-n-opened-left fencegate-n-closed force
/bir remap woodenfencegate-birch-w-opened-left fencegate-w-opened force
/bir remap woodenfencegate-birch-w-opened-left fencegate-w-closed force

From 1.5.1.x to 1.5.2

The code identifiers for trapdoors have changed. Please copy below list of commands and paste it all in one go into your chatbox and reload the world

.pastemode multi
/bir remap trapdoor-closed-up-north trapdoor-closed-north force
/bir remap trapdoor-closed-up-east trapdoor-closed-east force
/bir remap trapdoor-closed-up-south trapdoor-closed-south force
/bir remap trapdoor-closed-up-west trapdoor-closed-west force
/bir remap trapdoor-opened-up-north trapdoor-opened-north force
/bir remap trapdoor-opened-up-east trapdoor-opened-east force
/bir remap trapdoor-opened-up-south trapdoor-opened-south force
/bir remap trapdoor-opened-up-west trapdoor-opened-west force
/bir remap mushroom-flyagaric-normal mushroom-flyagaric force
/bir remap mushroom-fieldmushroom-normal mushroom-fieldmushroom force
/bir remap mushroom-bolete-normal mushroom-bolete force
.pastemode single

From to

The code identifiers for flint tools have changed. Please copy below list of commands and paste it all in one go into your chatbox and reload the world

Note: The command /iir is not available in 1.5.1 yet.

.pastemode multi
/iir remap arrowhead-flint arrowhead-stone force
/iir remap knifeblade-flint knifeblade-stone force
/iir remap axehead-flint axehead-stone force
/iir remap spearhead-flint spearhead-stone force
/iir remap spear-flint spear-stone force
/iir remap axe-flint axe-stone force
/iir remap knife-flint knife-stone force
/iir remap shovel-flint shovel-stone force
/iir remap arrow-flint arrow-stone force
.pastemode single

From 1.4.92 to

The code identifier for cow skulls have changed. If your cow skulls turned into unknown blocks please copy and paste below command into your chatbox and reload to world.

/bir remap bonyremains-cowskull-up bonyremains-cowskull force

From 1.4.8 to 1.4.9

The code identifier for cow skulls have changed. If your cow skulls turned into unknown blocks please copy and paste below command into your chatbox and reload to world.

/bir remap bonyremains-cowskull skullcow force

From 1.4.4 to 1.4.5

The code identifier for logs have changed. If your logs turned into unknown blocks please copy and paste below command into your chatbox and reload to world.

.pastemode multi
/bir remap log-placed-oak-ns log-oak-ns force
/bir remap log-placed-oak-we log-oak-we force
/bir remap log-placed-oak-ud log-oak-ud force
/bir remap meta-filler filler force

From 1.3.5 to 1.3.6

The code identifier for doors have changed. If your logs turned into unknown blocks please copy and paste below command into your chatbox and reload to world.

.pastemode multi
/bir remap woodendoor-south-up-closed-left woodendoor-south-up-closed force
/bir remap woodendoor-north-up-closed-left woodendoor-north-up-closed force
/bir remap woodendoor-west-up-closed-left woodendoor-west-up-closed force
/bir remap woodendoor-east-up-closed-left woodendoor-east-up-closed force
/bir remap woodendoor-south-down-closed-left woodendoor-south-down-closed force
/bir remap woodendoor-north-down-closed-left woodendoor-north-down-closed force
/bir remap woodendoor-west-down-closed-left woodendoor-west-down-closed force
/bir remap woodendoor-east-down-closed-left woodendoor-east-down-closed force

Remaps for even older, unknown version changes

Old beds:

/bir remap bed-woodaged-feet-east woodenbed-feet-east force
/bir remap bed-woodaged-feet-north woodenbed-feet-north force
/bir remap bed-woodaged-feet-south woodenbed-feet-south force
/bir remap bed-woodaged-feet-west woodenbed-feet-west force
/bir remap bed-woodaged-head-east woodenbed-head-east force
/bir remap bed-woodaged-head-north woodenbed-head-north force
/bir remap bed-woodaged-head-south woodenbed-head-south force
/bir remap bed-woodaged-head-west woodenbed-head-west force

Old chairs/tables:

/bir remap chair-aged chair force
/bir remap table-aged table force

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