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Info and Guidelines

This page is designed to help wiki contributors know what needs to be done on the wiki. As these pages become complete, make sure to remove them from this page. If you need help first google, the help pages on wikipedia are very informative, and last ask in the discord #wiki channel.

If you see something like "Trees -> Acacia" It means that the section Acacia needs to be added to the trees page.

If you see "Crafting Recipes -> recipe:hay" It means the recipe for hay need to be added to the crafting recipes page.

Some items will be listed with a "-" and that means that item needs to be done in the most general of sense.

Specific pages that need to be done will look like this.

Some guidelines when making and editing pages.

  • Avoid redundant information
  • Avoid giving a history lesson
  • Articles must contain enough information to warrant a full page. If they do not have enough content, they should be merged with other similar articles. For example, there is no page on the minecraft wiki for Birch planks. All planks are in a combined article.
  • Don't write stuff about things that are not in the game yet.
  • No advertising, fan community pages, joke pages, etc.
  • Stick with American English or how it's spelled in-game for example use Axe over Ax.
  • In-game items, structures, mobs, etc should not be treated as common nouns and not capitalized.
  • Date formatting should be "Month DD, YYYY"
  • When making item/block specific pages, use the in-game name for the for the page name. For example a page for shale stone should be "Shale stone"
  • When uploading icons for grid recipes it should be "Grid [in-game name in proper english]" so shale stone would be "Grid Shale stone".

Stuff that needs to be worked on

See also the new Under construction category and Template:Under construction.

Game content

Files needed

  • When Arrowhead Is created, we will need images of each arrowhead type, and images of forging both 6 and 9 Copper arrowheads as examples. --Xestael

Existing Pages need Reworking

  • Leather & Leather Working - check for redundancies & where the crafting recipes with leather should be shown
  • Water merge with World Generation & check the latter/ make into category?
  • Foraging - What's important to have in your toolbar when first starting out. Stressing survival and progression. For instance, clay is not important to carry on you. Hope
  • Clothes (stub page rn)- better explanation of how to craft and maintain them, info about the tailor class if applicable
  • Soil - add tips how to find terra preta, update with new Compost mechanics (including info boxes)
  • move chat keybinds and group stuff into its own page.
  • Templates
    • Better crafting grid template
    • Clayforming
    • Barrel Crafting
    • Template:Breaking currently breaks pages - encloses all text that comes after the template in <pre></pre> tags until a new line. -- Veerserif (talk) 19:25, 17 May 2022 (UTC)
I have edited that template to fix the issue. Lesson of the day: don't translate templates (that don't use wikitext). -- Veerserif (talk here or on Discord) 15:57, 21 May 2022 (UTC)
  • Mechanical Power could have additional info about the big gear & power trains using it (there's always discord questions about this)
  • flesh out page for making & using mortar - picture guide of the barrel crafting process--Xestael
  • make clearer how alloys are mixed and cast (apparently there are misunderstandings?) -DessertOverlord
  • more info on how Land claiming works, and what issues it has (like doors being still passable, and armour stands not being save)
  • Other Plants, Flowers and maybe even Trees into a category with an overview?
  • add steel & meteoric iron variants to all tool, weapon, ingots etc lists
  • add new plants & flowers to the pages
  • Flax fibers needs more detail, or merge into Flax Added a hard redirect from Flax Fibers to Flax --Xestael
  • Fruit Trees - check the temperatures, especially for the evergreens

New Pages

  • A page for each major game mode: Wilderness Survival, Creative, Homo Sapiens -- Veerserif (talk here or on Discord) 20:30, 8 April 2023 (UTC)
  • page about survival strategies in challenge worlds? like rabbit traps, panning, etc?
  • Blocks page redundant/ merge into Category:Blocks? - also somewhere add a list of building block options available at each tech tier
  • Blasting Powder
  • Glow worm
  • Grass Hay - Linked from Hay, the page for the blocks needs to be made, including whether or not it can be crafted back into Hay
  • Arrowhead - Need to include images detailing how to craft arrowheads, the smithing strategies for 6 vs 9 metal arrowheads. -Xestael
  • Split Metals and Ore deposits into individual metal pages such as "Copper" that shows the ore, metal, and everything that can be done with that metal/ category work!
  • Copper Chisel - Page is empty, should redirect to Chisel Hope
  • Saltpeter -- crafting recipes, fertilizer use, generation on cave walls, etc.
Created. -- Veerserif (talk here or on Discord) 16:32, 27 May 2022 (UTC)
  • Potash / Sylvite -- Crafting recipes, fertilizer use, generation inside of Halite deposits, etc.
Done and done (they're the same page). -- Veerserif (talk here or on Discord) 17:13, 27 May 2022 (UTC)
  • Chute - Detail how they work, what sides are valid I/O for blocks, limitations, etc./ check Mechanical Power page for the chute section or split off

New Content due to Update

  • re-evaluate Temporal Stability page, add rifts and how the new mechanic works (once it's completely settled down)
  • New blocks: lichen/moss covered, drystone, metal blocks, rough door etc, where in Category:Blocks
  • scrap weapons (they get mentioned on the individual weapon pages, but maybe flesh out Metal scraps - great video from Ashantin to attach here
  • a page for the new decor stuff? or add that to wherever we have tapestries?
  • add new trees to the Trees page; change table to include the tree seeds as a step before the saplings -Gravy
  • re-evaluate bamboo spawn (for the "how far apart should they be planted" part) - same for Kapok
  • clay oven page, how to craft it/ set it up. there's an empty link from the cooking page to it Page created: Clay Oven. Missing some details on when exactly ovens need reheating, also there is no separate page on bread doughs and pies -- Xestael
  • update Chicken page with new egg laying & hatching mechanics
New brooding additions etc. on that page now. -- Veerserif (talk here or on Discord) 16:04, 21 May 2022 (UTC)
  • some stack sizes have changed, might be worth checking on the individual pages: "..including most mechanical parts, and many non-mold clay items, as well as anvil, bed, and quern."
  • bees now hibernate below 0°C & all beetimes reset at -10°C (swarming and production timers) on Beekeeping -DessertOverlord
  • liquid system rework - check explanation on cooking page & other relevant pages
  • Mushroom page needs fleshing out (Farian left stub notes on what is needed)
  • rework multiblock chiselling, since the process has changed slightly (directly drag into the UI instead of crafting together)
  • page about dyes & dyables?
See Dye -- Veerserif (talk here or on Discord) 16:09, 21 May 2022 (UTC)
  • page about the auction house or add it to Traders? how does it work (price etc) and what to keep in mind (food spoil time etc)
  • ~~growth time & yield for most crops was doubled, as well as some of the temperatures. check Farming and amend the relevant lists~~
Is this for v1.17, or 1.16? Farming pages have been updated for at least 1.16 -- Veerserif (talk here or on Discord) 21:11, 7 July 2022 (UTC)
  • Wrench (include information about rotating chiseled blocks, stairs, chutes, plaster etc.)
  • Shield components (bosses and hoops)
  • Add a detail table for new 400+ shield variants
  • Chiseling now requires hammer in offhand --Xestael
  • Dye making got more complex (need to change a lot of information)
Please detail what needs changing? -- Veerserif (talk here or on Discord) 21:11, 7 July 2022 (UTC)


Priority Translations

NOTE: This should be for relatively complete pages.

  • Berries - removing the old Berry Bush page and will be redirecting it here. -- Veerserif (talk here or on Discord) 13:51, 1 June 2022 (UTC)