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Hello! I'm a player of Vintage Story who learned how to use MediaWiki by making a wiki for my home tabletop campaign. I am a native English and Cantonese speaker and know Mandarin to an intermediate level. Feel free to message me on Discord (where my username is also veerserif) or leave a message on my talk page.

VS Wiki to-do list

  • Template documentation (ideally using the actual Template:Doc). This is especially bad/necessary for infoboxes and the crafting grid
  • Some way of creating a basic template for navboxes so they can stop being straight up wikitables
  • The never ending quest to regularize article titles
  • Translation tag fixing + translatable template use across pages

Topics that I'm interested in refreshing

  • Plants in general (aside from crops)
  • Food and cooking
  • Early-game guides which are very out of date

See User:Veerserif/Sandbox for more.