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The World map does not yet support all the features one would be used to from other in-game mapping tools. However, it is still very handy

  • Use the F6 key to toggle the HUD version - minimap small version on the top right corner of the player's screen.
  • Use the M key to toggle large version - while enabled, prevents players from interacting with the world.
  • Use the Space key on the large version to re-center the map view on the player.


You can enable an overlay that shows you your current position (relative to the center of the world; for more info see coordinates ).

This option is under Settings -> Interface -> Show coordinate overlay, or use Ctrl + V key (default)


Use the Right mouse button on the large map (M), type the name of the waypoint, and choose an icon.

These command s add, list, or edit the players waypoints:

  • /waypoint list Shows a list of all player waypoints
  • /waypoint remove [num] Removes a waypoint num as shown in /waypoint list
  • /waypoint add Can be combined with different information, depending on how you want to add your waypoint.
    • /waypoint add [color] [title]
      Adds a waypoint with given color and text at your current position.
    • /waypoint addat [coords] [pinned] [color] [title]
      Add a waypoint at the given coordinates .
    • /waypoint addati [icon] ~0 ~0 ~0 [pinned] [color] [title]
      Add a waypoint at your current location, including color and icon info.

The color may be any named .NET Color or a Hex Code.

Waypoint Icons
Symbol Label
Bee-waypoint.png Bee
Cave-waypoint.png Cave
Home-waypoint.png Home
Ladder-waypoint.png Ladder
Pick-waypoint.png Pick
Propick-waypoint.png Propick
Rocks-waypoint.png Rocks
Ruins-waypoint.png Ruins
Spiral-waypoint.png Spiral
Star1-waypoint.png Star1
Star2-waypoint.png Star2
Trader-waypoint.png Trader
Vessel-waypoint.png Vessel
Turnip-waypoint.png Turnip
Grains-waypoint.png Grain
Apple-waypoint.png Apple
Berries-waypoint.png Berries
Mushroom-waypoint.png Mushroom
File:Gear-waypoint.png Gear
Gravestone-waypoint.png Gravestone
Skull and crossbones-waypoint.png Skull_and_crossbones
Tree-waypoint.png Tree
Tree2-waypoint.png Tree2
X-waypoint.png X

The [pinned] field requires a "true" or "false", and determines whether the waypoint will appear on the edge of your map while it's outside of your currently viewed map area.

Backing up

The worldmap is saved separately from the game save. If you transfer the game save to a new computer or back it up, you will only recover a smaller portion of the worldmap centered around your seraph (approximately 20k * 20k). To transfer or backup the full map you must also retrieve the map cache file from ../maps (relative to your saves folder). These worldmaps are player and game save specific. If you make a backup copy of your save and do something on it (such as delete rocks) then the map cache file is shared between the two saves - you must copy your game save to a second PC to do non-destructive changes to the map file. Changes in the actual chunks are saved separately in the game save, so even if you lose or do not transfer the map cache file, your changes in those chunks will be preserved.

Video Tutorials


Prior to version 1.18, the coordinate overlay was toggled with just V, now Ctrl + V.

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