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Dobrodošli u Vintage Story Wiki, bazu znanja zajednice za Vintage Story.

Vintage Story je beskompromisna sandbox survival igrica inspirirana lovecraftovskim horor temama. Nađite se u uništenom svijetu kojeg je obuzela priroda i privremene jezive oluje. Doživite ponovni razvoj ljudske civilizacije ili krenite vlastitim putem. Trenutno je u razvoju i dostopno je za early access kupnju.

Trenutno imamo 1.477 artikala. Ako ste modder koji source, slobodno se uputite na Vintage GitHub.

Game Update News
Latest stable version
Game Update News
Latest Update

Fruit tree fix (v1.16.5)

  • Only bugfixes in this release.
  • Fixed: Should fix some fruit trees never fruiting
  • Fixed: Game crashing when it cannot log to file
  • Fixed: Infinite liquid drinking dupe bug
  • ...and many more!
Latest unstable version

1.18.0-pre.6 Lore Update: The Resonance Archives

Most recent updates

Lore Update: The Resonance Archives (1.18.0-pre.1)

  • The first main story event
  • Ocean worldgen system
  • 160+ new types of butterflies
Version History
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