Controller Compatibility

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The base game does not support controller usage, however there are different free programs to make playing Vintage Story with a controller feasible.


It can be used to program a PS4 controller connected to your computer, making it possible to play the game with the key mapping of your choice.


It can be used to program a Xbox 360/One controller. For Windows and Mac users, the original Antimicro should be used, for Linux users either Antimicro or Antimicro-X should work, depending on what is available in their repository.

You can find a working setup by a discord user here, with the following settings:

  • Left Stick Movement: WASD
  • Left Stick Button: Ctrl
  • Right Stick Movement: Mouse
  • Right Stick Button: Change Mouse Speed (fast/slow)
  • RT: Left Mouse Click
  • LT: Right Mouse Click
  • RB: Mouse Scroll Down
  • LB: Mouse Scroll Up
  • A: Space
  • B: Shift (toggle)
  • X: E
  • Y: C
  • Back: M
  • Start: Esc
  • DPad Up: Q
  • DPad Down: Ctrl+Q
  • DPad Left: G
  • DPad Right: F

Note: it was set up to use the default control scheme as much as possible, but just make sure set "toggle run" to true.