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Typical example of ore distribution in Vintage Story

Finding ore in Vintage Story can be challenging, so to help you out here is how the game spawns ore. Throughout this page, the numbers shown will all be in absolute terms. In the world when you press "V" it shows you the relative coordinates. To find the absolute dig down to the mantle and take that number, subtract 3, and add it to 256. That number will be the absolute value for y=0 in your world. For a typical world subtract -115 from the absolute numbers and that'll get you close.

To the right, there is a picture of a typical ore distribution in Vintage Story. The main thing to notice is the ores are distributed at random heights in disks at various angles. Some ores have wider disks than others. Quartz by far as the widest disks but most disks are around an average of 5.5 blocks wide. These disks typically are shaped similarly to the surface above but always cover the same horizontal area. Meaning in regions where the ground is flat the disks will be flat and where the surface is jagged the disks will be tilted and distorted. That means in flat areas horizontal mining has less of a chance to hit the disk then vert mine shafts. This continues to be true until the surface is jagged enough that its slope is greater than the disk is wide. For vertical shafts, the chance of hitting an ore disk is always the same and horizontal shafts the chance depends on the shape of the surface generally.

Here is the page for more information on the prospecting pick and how to use it.

Ore stats

All ores are uniformly distributed through the ground. Rarity is the average amount of ores per chunk.

Shallow ores

Shallow ores stop at a certain depth.

ore Y min Y max Avg radius follows rarity
Lignite 123 236 5 surface 23
Surface Copper 236 251 4.5 surface 3

Deep ores

Deep ores go from the mantle up to a Y max.

ore Y max Avg radius follows rarity
Bituminous Coal 179 8 sea level 20
Saltpeter 205 10 sea level 299
Gold 256 2 straight 6
Silver 256 2 straight 20
Deep Copper 154 6 surface 54
Sphalerite 256 4 surface 53
Cassiterite 154 4 surface 24
Bismuthinite 218 4 surface 27
Limonite 243 3 sea level 14
Lapis 205 2 surface 2
Diamond 51 2 sea level 24
Emerald 59 1 sea level 42
Galena 256 4 surface 39
Sulfer 256 8 sea level 54

Ore Specifics

Gold and Silver

Gold and silver only spawn in layers of quartz. Following a quartz layer is a good way to find them. Ore blasting bombs can be utilized to great effect to clear out quartz.


There's a .003% chance to come across a massive cassiterite deposit in a chunk. If you do consider yourself extremely lucky, since the smallest of these deposits are larger than the largest of the normal sized deposits.


Lapis only spawns in claystone.

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