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Halite is a mineral that can be found in specific deposits. As of version 1.16, halite is the only current source of salt in Vintage Story.


See also Ore Deposits - Halite.

Halite stone can only be found in sedimentary layers. Halite forms either as a salt dome, or as a dry lake. Dry lake halite formations can only appear in a desert biome in sedimentary rock layers. Halite stones can be obtained by breaking surface halite stones, mining out halite rocks, or breaking halite speleotherms. Sylvite, the ore for potash, can be found inside halite layers.

Halite stones are also sold by the commodities trader and the survival goods trader.


The primary use of halite is grinding it into salt using a quern. One piece of halite creates two portions of salt.


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Salt is used for food preservation. It can extend the lifespan of meats through salt-curing, or vegetables through pickling. Both methods of preservation require a barrel.

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