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Grid turnip.png
Stackable 64
Satiety 100
Category Vegetable
Fresh Time 504 hrs
Transition Time 96 hrs
Transition Ratio 0.5

Turnips are a vegetable crop that can be farmed. Turnips are one of the fastest-growing crops, making them a quick source of food early in the game when players are just beginning to establish gardens or farming plots.


Turnips can be found growing in the world, in temperate and warm regions.


Turnips undergo 5 stages of plant growth, which takes 6 days to complete. Turnips grow best in temperatures under 25°C. If they are grown in warmer temperatures, the crop will be stunted and yield only 75% of the normal amount. Each complete crop uses up 30% N of the farming block it is planted on.

Once fully grown, turnips may be harvested by breaking the crop with an empty hand or a scythe. When fully mature, crops yield multiple turnips and at least one seed when harvested. Harvesting immature plants yields fewer turnips and may not provide a seed.


Turnips may be eaten without cooking and can be used as an advanced cooking ingredient in:

  • Meat Stew (1-2)
  • Vegetable Stew (1-4)
  • Soup (1-3)
  • Porridge (1-2)

Each turnip provides 100 vegetable satiety. Once harvested, turnips may be stored in the inventory or containers. They benefit from storage in a ceramic storage vessel, ideally in a cellar, like other vegetables. Turnips may be further preserved via pickling.

Due to their fast growth and slow spoilage, turnips make good feed for domesticated boars and sheep.