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Wild food is a term for all foods that can be obtained directly through gathering naturally occurring foods. Wild foods are a critical source of food in the early game, before players are capable of farming or cooking complex meals, and before animal husbandry has been started.

Wild foods can be broadly separated into plant based foods and animal based foods. Plant based foods are largely found through foraging, while animal based foods are largely found through hunting.


Different edible plants grow in different biomes. Some of these plants can be eaten directly without need for further cooking, while others can additionally be farmed.

Wild Crops

All farmable crops with the exception of cabbage can be found growing wild. These wild crops go through growing stages just like farmed crops, and can be harvested in the same way to provide seeds and crops.


See also Berry

Berrybush red currant ripe.png Berry bushes grow in temperate and colder climates. Ripe berry bushes can be harvested to collect berries. The bushes can be collected by breaking them. Berry bushes cannot be propagated or divided, individual bushes must be collected. These berry bushes can be replanted to create berry farms.


See also Mushroom

Grid mushroom bolete.png Mushrooms are naturally generated in a variety of climates and regions. Different types of mushrooms have specific growing environments. They can be found growing on the ground, or on the sides of tree trunks. Mushrooms can be harvested with an empty hand, but it is faster to harvest them with a knife. Mushrooms, once harvested, do not regrow on the same block. However, mushrooms will naturally spawn in the same areas based on the specific growing requirements there, such as rainfall, temperature, and environment.

Mushroom death cap.png Protip:
Some mushrooms deal HP damage to players when eaten. A few mushrooms such as the death cap will kill players if eaten. To be safe, always check the tooltip for unfamiliar mushroom types.

Saguaro fruit

Fruit-saguaro.png Saguaro or cactus fruit are naturally generated in arid or desert regions. Breaking the cactus block with an empty hand allows players to collect the fruits, but the tops will not regrow. Fruits can be selectively harvested with a knife. Over time, the fruit will regenerate.

Wild vegetables

The bottom block of reeds, such as cattails or papyrus, can be broken for a cattail or papyrus root. Both of these roots can be cooked in a firepit and eaten for 100 vegetable satiety.

Green or brown bamboo shoots can also be crafted with a knife to create two edible bamboo shoots. Each edible bamboo shoot provides 100 satiety in no particular category.


See also Termites

Termites are a form of insect-based food that can also be foraged from termite nests. Termite nests generate in arid and hot regions. When eaten, termites provide protein satiety.


Any animal can be killed and butchered for meat, fat, hides and bones. Use a knife or scythe to harvest animal products. When the butchering process is complete, a small window will open to allow players to collect all the animal resources.

Bears and wolves, by default, are aggressive and will attack players who get too close. Additionally, bighorn sheep fight back upon being attacked. These creatures are very capable of killing an undefended player, and some degree of armor or clever use of terrain (such as leading animals through water to slow them down) should be used to hunt them safely.

Meat types

Bushmeat-raw.png Bush meat is harvested from wolves, foxes, and hyenas. It cannot be used in meal recipes, but can be eaten after cooking over a firepit.

Grid redmeat raw.png Red Meat can be harvested from hares, bighorn sheep, and wild pigs. They can be cooked in a firepit or used for more advanced meals.


This section was last verified for Vintage Story version 1.17.

While fishing has not yet been fully implemented, the new salmon mob can be hunted as an easy source of protein.

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